Success with Jupiter, Candle Explosion

Hey. I’m a bit of a neophyte in all this magick, but I’m evolving & practicing every day. I recently had a debt of 1486 Dollars, because I screwed up last year. Today is Jupiter’s day, And I was called in to the office for the state. I painted this symbols a week ago with the intention of abundance & asked Jupiter for help + A big blue candle burning until there was nothing left. and today I lit these candles ( 1 in each corner, 4 in total ) When I went into the office today they said everything has been taken care of :slight_smile: It was a big weight off my shoulders, I’m glad. I went home, and after a couple hours at home I saw that the flame in the left upper corner was huge, the inner sides of the candle were burning, so I tried to blow the flame out but that didn’t work at all. So I was a bit worried about what to do, I grabbed a glass of water and tried to extinguish the flame with it. A huge blast of flames were bursting upwards towards my face! It nearly hit my face, I still got my beard lucky me;D Isn’t it important to watch how the flames on candles behave in magick? Was this purely a bad candle, or was this magick? Thanks for reading. If this is in the wrong category please move it^^


The extreme temps between the wax and water might cause a reaction.

Yes, watch the flames. I get diminished flames for lack of enthusiasm, and big bright flame for enthusiasm… sparkling for specific approvals. If my receiving is poor, I just really on that along with my empathy.


Using water on a paraffin candle is like throwing water on a grease fire. Don’t do it. Best to cover it with something and smother it or use a dry chemical fire extinguisher. Baking soda works too.


1.yes it is important to make note ofnhow th candlea burm if they have been a part of the ritual as they can give you insight into the outcomes.

  1. For a prosperity or abundance ritual i usually consider a candle going all Vesuvius on me to be a good thing if it doesn’t burn down super fast so long as the container you have it in can take the heat. The condition if the candles and the flames and if they mean anything positive or negative all depend on the ritual you are doing. There is no universal “good if this happens and bad if this happens” with this kind of divination. It is best to take it on a case by case bases as you do different rituals and take notes.
  2. As state above NEVER add water to a wax fire from a candle going nuts, if you have a lid use that to smother it if it looks like it make damage anything. If it is contained in a strong enough container and will not cause any damage i’d say let it burn itself out.
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Thanks man i’ll keep that in mind

In my experience, money magic tends to be so difficult because most people have a really blurred definition of money. I would suggest meditating more on the nature of wealth, and the power of money, in what kind of power it is, exactly.

In any case, groovy results you got there, OP :slight_smile: !


There’s a method to the madness :smiling_imp:

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I started getting my beat results once i realized that to me money is a physical representation of energy and power,when it comes to humans anyway. So as someone exploring magick and developing my spiritual practice do i want alot of energy and power to accomplish my goals on the physical, hell yeah i do :laughing:

I never really understood the stigma attached to being spirtual and well off other than it is what the dogma’s of some monotheistic beliefs teach. Usually something along the lines of “you must forsake the physical and material in order to make any progress” and i have actually found it to be the opposite.

The more i dive deeper into my practice and anchor it in tangible result the less i am worrying about money because my income raises to meet my needs before i even realize it went up.


Sounds to me like the Benevolent King definitely lent you some grace. Awesome, man! Just be sure to pass the buck.