Success with jason millers books

So yesterday i put some of jason millers planetary margic to use. My wallet ended up empty and i needed some money. I used the sigil of jupiter and petitioned my request in a circle around the sigil. I put some money oil on it wrote my name 3 times across the sigil activated it and burned it away. I petitioned to be given 50 bucks by the next day just to be realistic. Within a couple of hours a friend offered to lend me 100 for no reason instead of the 50. I was almost blown back by how fast result came. I am a big fan of jasons work and it was his lectures that help complete my draw to hekate. Has anyone else had success with millers books?

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Great, i hear his financial sorcery is great for everyone, have u try his spirts of the flesh, its not review here, tru his sorceres secrets git good reviews, thanks

50 bucks is good, but not remarkable - I find Miller’s books just a rehash of older grimoires, nothing new, this material is already out there.

I would love to hear of truly significant results though…so far I am finding his material quite feeble.