Success with Duke Sallos

Omg you know once I was doing an evocation of Duke Sallos , I was sitting in front of a tv which was switched of when I looked at my reflection I saw a man with exact physical description you mentioned :frowning: I didn’t take it seriously thinking I had been looking at his Sigil for too long and maybe my eyes and mind is playing games ! Amazing !

Could be him. Contact him to see if it was him.

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I did actually. It was more of a meditation I guess rather than an evocation.During the meditation I had a feeling that he will help but I dont know if it’s him telling me that or it’s just a placebo effect. But truth to be told I did have a positive development with my matter.


Hello, Can you give me some tips to talk to sallos?

Do you mean how to contact him?


I have read a great deal and many doubts arise, do I have to go through Satan? To evoke with the circle or not? I also read that the circle for the demon could be offensive, could you be angry at having been summoned? And then what do I do and I say to him: “hey hello you do me a favor?” does not seem respectful …

Your questions (not being rude) apply to any spirit, not just Sallos. Try opening a sigil, that is an established method:

“I can’t see things flashing!”

Read this:


Thank you, I will read carefully!

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Read the book Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield. Do ritual 1. Works great.


Have you tried it?

I am afraid of not “feeling” anything, I know I am not starting off on the right foot … I have no particular senses developed, how can I tell if he wants to tell me something?

When I first contacted Duke Sallos, I used ritual 1 from the Demons of magick book. Did the ritual and went about my life. Could not sense a thing, did not feel anything. When it came to pass, that’s when Duke Sallos made himself known to me. When that time comes, you will certainly know it. Give it time.



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You’re welcome

This has been how i feel my exchange with Clauneck belial azazel wgo last nighr made sure I called him and -as im still recovering and dropping mind has been challenging all week), he says: “Morgan” me “yes” Azazel “quiet”.
Im laughing this afternoon knowing that the mental chatter is once again easing off.

This was my very first time asking assistance to Duke Sallos on my behalf.
I draw his seal that I copied from the internet on a red paper first and I had a glass of water next to me as well -
I wrote my petionion following instruction on how to do it and then I light a red candle and burnt the petion.
I was really thankful and respectuful in the way I asked Duke Sallos to help me.
In my asking I also stated that I would let people know about him helping me in a forum and also something else too (which is quite personal to me).
As soon as I light the candle I felt an incredible energy around me (I am very sensitive and used to feel energies) so I knew that Duke Sallos must have been there,
It was such a strong grounding energy, not threatening at all - it felt more like a protective energy letting me know that he was there to help.
I thanked him and let the candle burning while keeping an eye on it now and then,
When I went to check the candle that was at the very end the glass candle holder had exploded (free standing candle), but instead of feeling worried I felt that knowing that it was all good .
During the following days I managed to get in touch with Duke Sallos through Tarot Cards (I am a professional Tarot Cards Readers) and I can tell you that the Duke has an incredible sense of humor.
I found myself more than once laughing so loud in the house on my own because I couldnt believe the replies he was giving me.
Also the first night after doing the request I closed my eyes but was not asleep yet and I saw Duke Sallos in my third eye - he was riding his crocodile and the Duke looked quite handsome if I might say so - and I also saw him taking my arm and putting me right behind him on his crocodile (which I found quite sweet and gentle to show me that).
I saw some results (which were quite unespected and very very welcome) after about 1 week and I sincerely thanked him.
I was going to immediately put my experience with Duke Sallos on this Forum but I was having trouble with logging in (not the site fault but mine as I am quite silly with these things) and after trying a good few times I stopped and then other things took my mind away from doing so.
Up until tonight things had stopped moving forward but I know it must have been because I did not keep my first part of my promise to him and I strongly hope that Duke Sallos will keep working on my behalf and bring my request to full fruition and then I will IMMEDIATELY give as a Thank my last promise to him.
I strongly advise anyone who wishes to work with The Duke to do so - he is really sweet, very helpful and with an incredible sense of humor but at the same time he makes you feel he has your back.
The only thing that I would suggest is to keep your part of the bargain - and it is only fair !
So here I am right now thanking Duke Sallos publically on this forum for the speed and results that he brought to me up till now and Will be back with more information when my request to him comes to full fruition (and of course I will be also honoring my other promise to him).

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Welcome @Circe1. Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

A long shot here, would it be possible to drop a word from me to him? pardon my newbiness on this one, I will be trying to invoke him later this week and I am thinking of doing it in the woods, would that be ok?

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