Success with Bune

I thought I’d share my story of success working with Bune.

I am in the middle of very difficult medical exams. The threshold is high: you can’t resit them, nor can you question the mark. The mark is final.

I had been told that I’d failed an exam by one mark. This was devastating (and before I started working with the 72).

I started doing petitions with Bune that all my results were at a certain grade. To cut a very long story short, weeks later, I was told that there had been a mistake on my exam score- something that has NEVER happened before. They had no idea how this could have happened: they were baffled. I actually scored what I requested from Bune, nearly 20 marks higher!

The odds of this happening are NIL. All I can say is hail Bune! I am most grateful!