Success story, egyptian deities

Hi my name is kade.

I primarily work with the egyptian aspects and the demons associated with them.

It all started after king paimon, i first called to him for guidance. When he was done teaching me, i got a dream of a hawk flying to my arm and then i woke up. This was my first vivid dream since i was in junior high school(7 years). The next day a random dude who was friends with a friend randomly got me a gold necklace with a lion head on it.

I later realized that the egyptian gods were calling to me. I had visions of an event that would be the hardest time of my life till now. An issue in my first relationship. I have certain issues from childhood that make dating difficult so this was a significant period of healing in my life. But in order to heal we had to see what was wrong. I had asked my guides before “help me understand her”. All of a sudden we broke up to “work on us”. I was constantly gettint visions amd synchronicities, i knew what was happening the entire time and what to expect.

I remember my first dream. I saw her fucking someone but i wasnt mad about it for some reason. This was referring to something that happened after we split up. She had ALMOST hooked up with an ex, but he mysteriously “woke up and coildnt breath” so he never went to her house.

After this happened we opened up to each other. I realized she had issues with things i had never realized while we were dating. She was never able to open up to me out of fear of losing me. So she had to lose me first, to finally open up.

Yesterday was the last thing we had to work out. We talked about the last thing that was weighting on her shoulders. See i didnt know these things happened or how they made her feel. And i knew she couldnt open up to me during our relationship. So i asked my guardian to please help me understand her. This is how they helped.

My love and i are coming closer and closer everyday with the goal in mind of getting back together. Ive learned so much about my love and about myself that im thankful for this

Praise astarte
Praise amon
I love you both as i would my own mother and father, as you are. Thank you for your guidance :grin:


Congratulations on the positive progress :slight_smile:

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its very exciting when a years worth of synchronicities and lessons finally come together and make sense