Success or not?

I have to tell you this,
Really excited but still not sure.

I guess i just succeeded with my first evocation .
I don’t know if i was talking with my own thoughts or what .

After charging the sigil i played the shama drum meditation video and started meditating.
Though the voice of drums was quite loud still i was able to communicate.

I asked for some help,
And later after the ritual i got some news which can be…
I repeat, can be helpful with my situation.

What you think?
Is it a success?

P.s- I didn’t used any incense or candles
Just the sigil and meditation.

I even saw some visuals of moving dragon
Like playing around me .
Moving here and there.

I don’t know if that was in my head or for real.

Please respond.

When in doubt: Do it again. Repeat instances will indicate successful summoning.

Ps: tools matter less than you think.

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I am new to this maybe thats why i have doubs.
Well here is a conversation i had with him . Inside my head, or whatever, but the feeling was great.

Enjoy reading.

Well at first i was just meditating and meditating…
Eventually i started chanting lucifer’s enn in my head
And i asked him, you there?
L- was already here from long time ago watching you doing your thing
M- really? So? First you’re welcome here and would like to pay my respect to you.and want to thank you anyways. For the news. And as promised I’ll do my work.
L- no answer…
M- so what should i call you?lord? Prince? Father? (I heard many calling him father so i asked)
Oh wait? Can i call you dude? Friend? Mate? ( and i started smiling.
L- ya sure , works for me
M- alright then.just to be sure you are here and listening to me? Can i see you? Maybe a proof? I’ve heard many saying that you’re quite attractive.
L- no answer
M- alright atleast tell me you’re a male or female?
Well I believe a male?
L- and why so?
M- well, you must have shown yourself if you were a female this time, i have some qualities though, i am charming too, you know right? (And started smiling again)
Lucifer- no reply
M- alright show yourself please? A demonic face will even work, i should say that would be best for me. I want to get used to with your scary face too.
L- (nothing)
M- is there any way we can talk 24*7
L- thats not how it works
M- fine alright
L- (sudden appearance of a dragon) keep moving here and there blowing fire (maybe was trying to scare me)
M- well well. I am not scared, i know you’ll never hurt me. I trust you.

And sudden disappearance, i mean suddenly my eyes opened.
So I thanked him for his appearance and asked him to stay for as long as he wants to.i was enjoying the feeling i had .

Probably , keep practicing , Rome wasn’t built in a day .