Success / Health / Money / Power / Sexy (rookie ask)

Hi Guys
I’m having the hardest time of my life right now. after more than 10 years marriage, my wife left me with 2 children; I had to move out.
I want you back since I love you, but I want to reappear as someone else. Self-confident successful social much in demand; attractive
I am also so attractive but I want to make the most of it and possibly even find a new love to show my wife what she will miss.

I’ve never called a demon but I’m ready to do it.
Read me here for weeks and here and would like to know some of you.

Lord Lucifer Siegel himself paint on cardboard and frame with blood then put in a trance by candlelight and then what?
How do I give the demon what I want? And what do I have to offer him in return? I want that effect to last a lifetime
Success / Health / Money / Power / Sexy

PS unfortunately I have to live with my parents currently because I would have to leave my house.
Hope you can help a very suffering man who needs to get his life started
I want to have my family back, but my wife needs to feel guilty first because I was twice suicidal.

I am German and have used this translator.

Ah, what else can I say to my wishes to the demon in German / write / paint / transfer thoughts?

Thank you


@drachir get in here and help a German bro out if you can? :+1:


I cannot offer you specific advice; however, I just wanted to tell you that it is awesome that you are not giving up the FIGHT and your WILL is amazing. Let it serve you as the fuel to fire your path and continue to strengthen your will…it will become a source of infinite power for you. You are absolutely correct. No one deserves to be punished by another ‘mortal’…as if we are all not on the same playing field? So…I am a fan of making things even if not switching up the game entirely. You deserve to be living your most fantastic f’ing life possible. (No…I am not there yet myself) but I do believe in the power of making it happen, per say. Magick is truth…truth is the most powerful healing tool…finding that truth is what serves you…this forum is beautiful and I have no doubt that someone, with lots of expertise (as they do have) will come to your aid. So, HANG IN…smile and laugh to yourself, as your joy ride is just about to begin. Manifesting is within…start to empower yourself and change your view for now (the way you word things…connotations; from I could to I can…to I should and I will----the vibrations change drastically) to the could be’s are current and would be’s are irrelevant. You are the power of now. :wink:


Thank you for encouraging
I can only say one thing I’ve never cried I’m visually very strong and never been weak. Unfortunately for 2 months I am crying and for a week I am drawn to magic. And really wants to beautify my life and take back my family, but my wife also has to feel jealous and fight for me.

Situation is extreme
Attorney’s letter has arrived again and my morale is down again.
I beg you teach me the art fastest.
I want to save my marriage … I do not want love magic. I do not want a robot. I want to know that the one who commits a mistake and sacrificing himself and the children virtually and all for nothing!
She should become jealous and yes I will cheat on you and hopefully rub her under her nose so she will fight for me too.

Please give me the strength to get my 2 children and my wife back by my side.
Until recently, I was very hopeless, but this forum here is the purest light in the tunnel.

Sorry, but i’m still trying to work on myself,
out of philosophical discussions and maybe some random ideas, i can’t offer a lot of help.

Tut mir leid, aber ich habe gerade selbst noch mit Zweifeln und Unvermögen zu kämpfen.
Ich würde so Einiges tun, um endlich die Gestalten wahrnehmenzukönnen, welche mich bei meinen bisherigen Beschwörungsversuchen ausgelacht haben.

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Thank you
I hope you will reach your goal as soon as possible.

@ all who can help me get my life back under control as soon as possible.
What do I need everything to call Lucifer, for example, and to describe my problem?

I myself and my environment describe myself as not stupid even very intelligent (my job is very extensive)

I can imagine visionary very well
was in the trance a few days ago when I imagined a yellow rose in her was my wife and I have let the rose only in my imagination to xxl;
I climbed in and lovingly looked at you and asked for forgiveness.

Hi so an update now
I found a 20 year old Enochain “witch”.
For a fee he will create a Sigl and charge it with energy.

Sex appeal; Power; Luck; Money; Secure; health

I will get that
he will summon it on a leather and I shall meditate in the evening on Enochain language he wants to teach me.

Is that something? Or will I get fucked?
or how can I do it myself? Can nobody really help me?

The fuck?
~you can learn about sigils for free!
Charge it with energy, emotion or bloody blood -some may fapp on it,
but that particulary didn’t worked for me.

no he meant Asmodeus he will call.
I want to make a sigl out of leather with all around what I need and I should load it myself from time to time through nightly meditations.

the question is something like that?
if I should do that myself
do I necessarily need “smoke” and “candles”? I do not currently live at home; and do not want my mom to be scared