Succesful Evocation

Someone told me that to know if the evocation was succesful you can ask to the spirit flash his/her sigil in your mind. Is also to know if you’re with another spirit instead of the one you summoned.
Is this correct?
If you don’t be able to see the sigil, means it didn’t work/is not the spirit or could just be your own fault, cause you don’t have your 3rd eye open enough, you’re not ready, so you can’t see the sigil, even if you can hear the entity?
If I ask a spirit to manifest himself/herself by moving a object or blowing up a candle and the spirit refuses it might mean my evocation failed?(and I’m just talking to myself) Or a spirit could have a reason to not want to do so?

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Hey @BlackWidow,

These are the chakra’s that are very important during evocation, divination.
Chakra’s: Crown (activates the third eye, pineal gland), Third eye (Clairvoyance), Throat (Clairaudience), root (grounding).

I see this more as being sure you evoked the correct spirit. Like identification.

This could be your own problem, because you need to practice third eye meditation (clairvoyance).

We do that with the throat chakra, so it could be that this is better developed than the third eye and you hear a spirit but not see images. To practice this, practice clairaudience.

A spirit could easily do this, but don’t force it. Just look at the flame and see it growing or moving by itself.

To answer the whole question. If you do Sigil based evocation and you can open the Sigil, the evocation has worked. Lay all other thoughts aside because they only give doubt and doubting makes an evocation weaker.
Talking to the Spirit and knowing that it’s there makes an evocation much stronger.

One thing that could happen is that you don’t resonate with the Spirit and then you have a chance that the Spirit won’t come again. But when you are really respectful this doesn’t happen a lot.
Oh and keep focused on the Spirit you are drawn to, mostly this will work (a name popping up), and then you can almost be sure that the evocation will be successful.


There are many youtube vids on practicing the clairs. And to ground yourself I have some options here:

In this Post there also some vids.


This give me back my confidence. Thank you!
I always wondered why I could hear but not see. I thought all depended on the 3rd eye haha thanks :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome. Well then you are fortunate. Other people can’t hear but they get images. And remember we all have different abilities. We can enhance them by training, but everyone get’s messages in a different way.
I can sense spirits, but seeing is difficult (get’s easier in my sleep).

Oh and when you hear yourself saying something you didn’t think of. Well that’s the spirit talking

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I have difficult in see, sometimes I can feel, but not very often. Yeah I’ll keep practicing untill develop better the other skills.
Also words that pop ups right? When I began I asked what kind of magik I should start with and “earth magik” keep coming to my mind.
Sometimes I have difficult in know what is the spirit saying and what is myself saying, if I’m talking to the spirit or just o myself. Is a doubt I need overcome.

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Yes words or images that pop up. But sometimes you just know something.

To solve your problem is to write questions down and ask them that sets intend and a goal. Mainly if you are bad prepared or just chit chatting with no goal, then it’s harder for the spirit to reply.

Dont focus on just the sigil, focus on everything.

Its not particularly hard to flash another entities sigil at someone. Its literally just squiggly lines most times.

A sigil is a personal connection between you and the energies youre working with. Thats the true part that’s hard for another entity to fake, although not altogether impossible.

Using a sigil alone as a way of verifying an entity is either ineffective or limits you to only having a limited relationship with an entity that the sigils connection allows. Which side it leans too depends on what you emphasize.

Focus on their foundational energies to identify them instead, as well as secret phrases and having other entities verify them.

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maybe you can explain this whole thing to me i just tried to summon camio and things were going fine i felt a good energy around me as i was talking to him i couldnt hear his voice nor could i see him i told him i wasnt sure if i was ready for him to make him self present tat way yet i get scared easily and i didnt want to hut his feelinngs i want to ease my way through this since its my first time so as i ws telling him about my self and telling him how i feel it was actually a good one sided convo i asked if he could mentor me and help me fix all aspects of my life that needed to be fixed and maybe she me things he knows after i asked that a flash of something no some one else appered in my mind and the calm feeling i had turned really cold and also hot going up my back scared the hell out of me so i thanked him and tols him i was sorry for having to close the circle so so n told him why let him know id try and conttact him n a few days i also tol him i was sorry for taking so long to contact him in the first place closed out the circle shut the candles off and too some deep breathings this is all new for me and maybe that was him telling me some one else was working on it or this perticular person took over or my own scared thoughts idk i just want to cry right now im afraid i n i didnt want to mess these things up with him cause i am drawn to him and i really like him…idk

From what you’re describing, you summoned him at first, then he called another entity whos also related to you (but not related to you like camio is )came along.

This other part of you is the adversary part of your “true” spirit coming along to help you with that.

You have a connection to camio by yoyr fundumental nature and because hes also a “part” like you are in the bigger system he brought in the part that could help you better.

The heat at the back is a way of saying that you can’t turn around, its supposed to chase you until you manage to get past it.

well its a pretty scary way of telling me that lol…maybe he as trying to tell me to get a hold of my fears from what your saying even though i tried this i am horrible terrified of demons monsters of any sort and i was quick to close the circle after that it reminded me of astroth even though ppl who worked with her say she does well doesn’t change that fact that a demon is still a demon good or bad n she scares the living crap out of me…i told him i didnt see him as such that he was just misunderstood all he wanted to do was teach and he was casted out for that not even a good reason i told him i found my self asking who is our real enemy for four days while i was researching idk if im even strong enough to over come my fears thats partly why i decided to ask him for help im afraid to even go to sleep right now i might die of night mares lol anyway it would only make sense that he would bring up what is stopping me how ever as a way to test me i did ask him to mentor me and assist me in anyway he could…