Hi guys
like a lot of people i tried subliminal affirmations i used alpha and theta waves to do it but to be honest i don’t know…
More than once I have come across opinions that subliminals are proven myth and that if they really worked that way the world would be full of mega successful people. Something tells me that something is missing or there is some missing link to subliminals. What do you think? Do subliminals work for you? Maybe for example, they do not work because they do not replace the core primordial beliefs in the subconscious that nourishes it. Can a really recorded subliminal dialogue on tape change our behavior and life?

In that case, they are at least not as powerful as some people think. There may be some power to them as inciting the passion of the soul of the one listening, but obviously this not very strong magick.

This atheistic insistence of the power of the subconscious is vastly overrated in my opinion.


Hey there! Let me explain some things.

Most of what you view as spiritual is linked to the mind. I don’t mean the mind of the soul or anything, I mean the brain. the mass of energy that you call the soul is primarily housed in the brain, which allows for both conscious thought and subconscious thought.

Because consciousness is created by the brain, it can be manipulated pretty easily. Especially if you believe the manipulative thought or effect is true. Let’s take the placebo effect for medication. You can give a recovering addict a pill of pure sugar while telling them it’s the real drug. Many will subconsciously tell their body that it is indeed the real thing, thus lowering withdraw symptoms. The same logic can be applied in subliminal messaging. When you listen to the specific tunes, or watch a certain video, all you’re experiencing is placebo. If you believe that the effect will happen, you can effectively create the real effect subconsciously.

Most companies and businesses use this exact concept to get you to buy their services or products. You know it as advertising.


From what I’ve read and looked into, it can take 30 days for an affirmation to have some kind of affect to change the subconscious mind. It takes saying it or listening to it constantly…

They are having an affect on myself, slowly…

Like tv adverts, they get stuck in your mind, why? Coz you keep seeing it, over and over and over again, not paying much attention to it, but you are absorbing the message…


They’re legit but like ritual need time to work. Not as powerful as ritual for major change but a bit more gradual. I do both personally.

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Have a watch of " they live" great but corny film if you not seen it…

My experience they are very powerful but not if you know they are being used. I’ve used them on people not knowing I was using them and have been been able to drop them pretty fast with just that alone. The subliminals I make are completely silent to the conscious mind but the subconscious still picks it up.

Part of it is also the phrasing of the script and most do not address underlying issues to what they want to change. Sure you can use one to say make you happier but if you don’t address the underlying cause of your unhappiness you are just slapping a temporary patch on the issue.


@Eldred_Darkthorn That’s amazing. This is very clever. Maybe because there is no resistance to it. So what do you suggest to make them work. To play them if I don’t know about it? But how to do it. How you make your subliminals.

I would advise you study hypnosis and NLP first and adapt that into your scripts. For best effect on yourself try playing them as you sleep. As for programs Audacity is rather functional and you can find a script for it that will make the silent subliminal for you. You only need to do the recording and I add in an alpha state inducing tone as well and make that silent as well.

Once you get the technical parts down the effectiveness will come down to how well you address the issues in the way of the effect. Simple changes are best and work up from there and for most longer term changes listening to it for a month is recommended.

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