Subliminal side effect?

Is it normal to have diarrhea after listening to subliminals? I read up on it and some say that such side effects are possible as the body is clearing out toxins.

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I never heard of that , you should keep trying to listen to subliminal music and see if the effect is repeated


if you are listening to a cleansing subliminal and have many toxins or just a bad day when it comes to your stomach it is definetly a possibility. Remember having stomach aches and then listening to a reiki video for it and had to rush to the toilet.


I did a powrful shielding/cleansing with Sehkmet. I had listened to subliminals a few hours before. I had awful diarrhea afterward. Felt like a purge.


I’m not using one for that area specifically.

I’m focusing on Bones, Tendons and Teeth.

I did a shielding with Persephone two days ago and then went back to my subliminals XD