Stygal demonic Assassin

Stygal, causes Death - Death of the witch’s enemies - Death of targets - quick Death - Death through accident - Assassination - Murder


One of the most loyal demonic Assassins. Works good together with Sitri so especially should be called in ending some unpleasent matter which involves Sex affairs, Sex magic, opposite Sex issues and Revange!



I have seen that sigil somewhere before…interesting.

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I know this thread is dated, but I would like to know more about Stygal. Not much has been posted here and my online research isn’t producing much either.

Should I also call him @Rav

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I am wondering if the energy meditations would help with empowering the Demonic assassin.

Definitively, Stygal is an excellent killer

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But how to do it

Can you please tell me how to call Stygal. For. death curse
Please help @Rav

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There is the EA formula Ichalaz Itz rechel ahntal ahntantel regrezitahl me vaskalla pertentitzu 13 times) And draw the sigil of Stygal on the pic of the target marking the face. Charge All the hate and after 2 or 3 minuts with a knife stab all that hate in the pic around one of the chakras of the target. Or choose 3 chakras than stab 3 times. Shake the hands good to get rid of unwanted energy. Say it is done. Seal the work, burry it at the crossroads and forget All about it.


How to seal the work

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Like in an extra paper or bag, small coffin or something so when the working is done you don’t see it and don’t overthink it :wink: till you burry it


Okay thanks @Rav

You helped me a lot


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Keep us informed and share your results once your target is dead or has a deadly illness :wink:


Ofcourse I will

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hi, it worked or not?

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@Rav have you had success in working with Stygal?

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But of course He is great. If you need the work done Stygal is excellent to call

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Any tips you can offer to get real speedy results when working with him? Does he have an enn. What does he like colour wise, smells, etc

Any sources or books to read more about this spirit?

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