Stupid question

ok so i know visualization is very important but idk how to do it. i mean is it just your imagination? i just don’t understand. can someone help me please?


For me, visualization is intensely focused imagination. A tree for example
youd think of the overall tree
then youd imagine all of the little details, feel, etc of that tree.
and bam


An exercise is to look at an object then try to recreate it in the minds eye.


ok thank you this gives me enough info to try it on multiple things.

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ok thank you for letting me know.

Magical imagination, basically using the imagination with direct intent. Example.

“In order to successfully manifest wealth in your life, You have to be able to clearly visualize yourself possessing it. Now, this goes far beyond just getting a clear mental picture of the money. What you actually need to do is make the imagined reality so solid in the moment of the ritual that you are certain what you are trying to manifest has ALREADY appeared! In other words, don’t try to change the future…. change the present. Don’t see yourself possessing the money in the future. See yourself possessing the money now.”

A good exercise to do is pick five or so different objects and they can be anything, a tree, a clock or car and try to see them clearly as you can without straining yourself, also it’s a good idea when your finished with a session is physically shake it, off so it disrupts the energy before it solidifies, doing magical exercises like that can sometimes have a funny and interesting way of manifesting in your life otherwise.

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ok very helpful thank you.

Or the basics, close your eyes and picture a shape, or a color, even if the color orange has to be visualized as an orange.
Then try to do the same with an orange ball between your hands, and as your hands grow farther apart, the ball with its color increases in size, and then drawing your hands closer the colored ball decreases in size, and you basically play an imaginary accordian of a colored ball.
Then you switch the color and repeat.
And as someone pointed out you look at a tree or a tarot card, close your eyes and recreate it in your mind.

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ok thank you i cant wait o put all this into practice.

Then imagine a metronome or grandfather clock pendulum swinging back and forth, and see it in you mind as detailed as possible, such as the hand or prnfulum is gold.
When you can master those two visualizations, the energy ball and the pendulum, thrn you can destress and heal yourself with white or gold energy.
Now … Do those visualizations with your eyes open.
Then play with the other senses, such as visualizing the smell of a rose or cinnamon, visualize hearing a grandfather clock chime.

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ok will try it in the morning.

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