Study plan?

Hello all! I am sure this has been done to death but I couldn’t find a topic so here goes

Does anyone have a study plan, recommended course of study / practise?

I’m new to Koetting’s methods but familiar with meditation and am currently working on Theta Gamma sync and evoking King Paimon which I feel I have had some success at.

He came to me last night in my pre-sleep practise and suggested I organise and formalise my study rather than just reading the books and trying things out, so was hoping for some recommendations from more experienced folk.


Here’s a tip begin develop your psychic abilities first. It expedite and as well increase the potency/results in your current as well as future evocations. @AdamThoth has created a newbies guide here. Go and do that:

For starters. Then begin to escalate into evocation or do it at the same time.

This may be an obvious “don’t” - thing but I’d like to tell beginners that initally I was really hasty and overwhelmed myself with execerises in thoughts of that it would help the development of my abillities go faster.
Whereas, from my experience, the opposite is true.
What I mean is spreading yourself to master to many things at once can drain you and finding the time to do all of the chosen exercises you’ve descided to do may interfere with other things that needs to be done like: school, work, etc. in short pick a discipline/topic you want to learn and stick with it until you know you this really well or better yet have mastered it. And then move on to the next topic/exercise you want to learn/do.

What I mean with the above to make it pain stalkingly obvious is, for example at one point I had 12 exercises all of them where meditations half of those where meant to be done for 24 minutes each. The others accounted for 10 - 15 min each.

so 6 * 24 = 144 min; and: 6 * 10 = 60 :or: 6 *15 = 90; which when added together: 144 + 60 = 204 /60 = 3.4 hours; or 144 + 90 = 234/60 = 3.9 ~ 4 hours.

That’s 3 - 4 hours of a day which was of course “wasted” on something I love, however to note: unless you have loads of free time it won’t be possible do all of those exercises every day. So what I am saying in addition to the above is manage your time and make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself and be sure you have fun and when you feel stressed out or depressed or don’t feel the effects as intensely as you might do initially, don’t be hard on yourself - that is key.

I wish you all the best in your practice and hope you will do well.

All the power to you



Thank you. Yes, I’ve spent the past year focussing mainly on these skills and am finally getting somewhere.

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Here’s a tip in terms of courses though, if you can get your hands on these and master their concepts pathworkings will become so much easier. I obsitnanetly refused to follow through at one point in time and wanted to pathwork too soon. Big mistake, in short master these first is what I’d say. :wink:

Mastering Divination Course

Mastering Evocation Course

Mastering Sould Travel Course.

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thank you!

Golden Dawn is formalized.
Temple of Set
Builders of the Adytum

Each of these three are strong in their perspective study and each takes years, lifetimes to master.

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Free course at this -


That’s not quite what I meant, but thanks. I am looking for a plan to work through the BALG system, which takes inspiration from all of these.

From the BALG book I have the following (off the top of my head at 10am - may have missed elements)

memorise tarot card meanings all in one sitting
meditate on each element - one per day
practice spiritual vampirism until done at a distance
meditate on each rune, one per day until memorised
open third eye
practise getting into TG and the rapture
evoke often until you can communicate
practice soul travel getting further each day


Continuing the discussion from Study plan?:

after this I would work through the Mastery series
would daily LBRP be worth doing from now? I was following that for a while but lost my way

this looks fabulous - thank you

Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

I think that is way too much to try and accomplish each day.

i would go with meditation, and TGS practice daily, and yes, a banishing like the LBRP should be done daily as well but that is all. You can combine the TGS practice with the banishing to save on time.

You can throw other things in as you feel like it but, in my opinion, you should only do the above practices daily. You don’t want to burn yourself out, so a slow and steady learning pace is best. Evoke no more than twice a week in the beginning. That is plenty of practice.

If you want to learn the elements, I think you would be best served concentrating on one per week, so you can fully immerse yourself in that particular element.

Franz Bardon has the best study plan, hands down, in his book Initiation into Hermetics. It is slow and takes about 2 years to complete but it builds exceptional magicians. it might be something to look at for a template for your individual plan with BALG.

I will admit that I did no such thing and jumped into the rabbit hole with both feet by working though Works of Darkness. I kind of wish I had thought through a study plan though, as I didn’t see much success for years.


thank you! I’ll look into that book

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It’s available free on the interwebs if you do a search. It will give you a good idea of how to set up your own plan for the exercises you want to practice.

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Good! It’s beginning to suck me in. I’ve started doing Koettings OAA but decided to do this as well as it appears to give you a strong foundation into the magic/mysteries without all the Golden Dawn theatrics.

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Thank you again!

“To know all is an impossible dream; but woe unto him who dares not to learn all, and who does not know that, in order to know anything, one must learn eternally!”
― Éliphas Lévi, The Key Of The Mysteries