Stuck while Projecting?

Hello all! I have been trying to astral project for a while now but I always run into the same problem. My Body starts to go up starting from my feet all the way up to my neck but my head refuses to move. It gets very heavy and sits like a rock :joy: . Does anyone have any advice that could help me out?


:rofl: half separation! You can solve it by getting back in and teleport from inside your body to a different location!
As long as you know you got a finger to separate then the teleport method works!
It helps if you can remember a mirror and its location in the house. For some reason its easier to teleport to a mirror and the shock of looking at your reflection gives you the sense of “self” so you get a complete body out.
Good luck :+1:


Thank You! I will definitely try this next time I project.

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In the beginning I had this exact problem a few times but most of the time it was my feet that wouldn’t separate. I kind of felt like peter pan’s shadow; attached at the feet. Basically you’re trying too hard and consequentially your physical body is trying to come with. I wish I had better advice for solving this problem other than keep practicing. Try to feel the difference between your physical and astral body. Once you’ve achieved the proper state of sleep paralysis start small and don’t get too excited, try to see the room around you without you’re eyes being physically open. Once you can do that start by maybe separating your astral arms and wave them around; try to see them, play around with it. Move on to different parts of your body and eventually it will become as simple as getting up out of bed. Sometimes it helps me to rock my astral body back and forth sideways until I gain enough momentum to just “roll” out of my physical body but don’t get stuck on the floor and frustrated because it may be difficult to stand up without getting sucked back in. For me there is always a very strong pull back toward my body once I get out but if you can manage to get farther away that pull weakens and you can go anywhere freely.

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