Stuck living with a somewhat alcoholic. Not sure where to put this

I’m stuck living with a family member who has increasingly been going out and sneaking alcohol. She’ll get back on track for a good while, use alternatives, exercise more, etc, then fall off again. She’ll turn to the bottle at almost any sign of stress, probably due to her obsessing over everything. Marijuana helps her quite a lot, but she’s too stubborn to do the things that will actually help her, and will keep turning to alcochol. I can’t confront her on this because my living situation and other reasons I can’t get into will be compromised. She can’t let things go and let herself unwind mentally. I’m getting sick of the boomerang alcoholism, hypocrisy, bitchy alocholic attitude, etc. I don’t care if I have to completely destroy her free will – She needs to get the fuck off the alcohol and do the things that actually make her better instead of constantly talking about doing it all the time and never following through. Right now she’s completely obsessed with making some guy pay who owes her money for a contract job that didn’t pan out. She saw her lawyer earlier, they want to settle, but she’s so high strung over the idea of making him pay and some bullshit sense of “justice” that she got some alcohol anyway and then rambles on about getting some vengeance. I’m not sure where to even begin.

Call upon Opfaal, the Angel of Deliverance. His seal can be found on the forum. He has the ability to free the mind from addictions, and others here have had success with him on alcoholism.

Just open his seal and ask him to help


Hadn’t even heard of that angel before. Greatly appreaciate it!

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You’re welcome. Opfaal is from the grimoire Kingdoms of Flame by EA Koetting, and he is fantastic and works fast.

Good luck to you :slight_smile:

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