Stuck in progress of ascent

I’m not “new” to the occult. I have been studying many different paths since about 2007. I was initiated to the 2nd degree in a local coven and worked with them actively for a few years. I felt I wasn’t growing and left. For a while I abandoned spirituality altogether and focused on the mundane world. That spiritual hunger never left though, but I feel I’m still a beginner when it comes to everything. I’ve seen success in basic spellcasting and whatnot, I know that stuff works. I want more than that though. I want to GROW and communicate with spirits, evocation, invocation, channeling, scrying, etc. That’s what I want to get adept at. I’ve tried many operations, but they seem to fail. I feel like I’m “stuck”. Sometimes I seriously wonder if there is something hindering me that I’m not aware of. Where do I begin again and how do I know if something could be hindering my growth or not? Any info would be great!

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I’m in a comparable situation.

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Sorry to hear that, but at the same time I take comfort in knowing that there are others in the same boat. Hopefully we find our answers soon and start making REAL progress!!!

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Search for “uncrossing”, “limpia”, “road opener”. Probably I need them too, in the meantime I repeat “Senapos terfita estamos perfiter notarin” which is basically against curses; there are binaural beats on YouTube to the same purpose too. Also visualizing their own aura as golden-white, a sun on each chakra starting from Muladhara, and applying affirmations/Law of Attraction should help.

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Similar position

You will break through this and realize you have had the ability all along.

As magickians, we are put through a series of “tests”, and in order to continue ascending, we must prevail no matter what these tests cost.

I felt the same way not too long ago.

Meditate on it. Contact the spirit(s) you are led to speak with. Work on the basic practices and abilities one needs to advance (perhaps you glazed over or missed something) and you will come to your own realizations about your current position.

There is a video titled “Kundalini Void Meditation” by Brian Scott on youtube. I can’t recommend that enough. Take a ritual cleansing salt water bath and then begin this guided meditation.