Stubborn target? decision in your favor? call king paimon and seer

I had two stubborn targets that would not sign very important paperwork. I was worried because my future career was dependant on their signatures. I called on king paimon and seer. It took 3 months and one of the targets ended up signing all the paperwork that was needed without a problem, it took half an hour and I walked out happy thankful to both these demons. It turned out the second target was not needed because the one senior to them obliged.
If you want a decision in your favor and to influence the outcome then call these two demons. I promised public praise so that others would work with them.
Hail king paimon
Hail seer


That is so amazing. I’m going to try it. Thank you

Amazing result

Glad that it worked out for you.

I wonder if they could help in love magick :thinking:

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Awesome! I had my own sucess too with King Paimon and Belial!

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Don’t know about Seere, but King Paimon will probably not help you with anything love-related. He told me once that He thinks most humans waste their time with love matters, so there’s that. :woman_shrugging:


Well, he’s probably right in some way :joy:

He would help for money matters though ? Love is wonderful but I could use some cash as well :laughing:


Oh yes, you can work with Him for money stuff. That is, actually realistic money stuff, not ”I wanna be a millionaire ASAP pls“ :laughing:

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Nice, thanks for sharing!

Nah, say a few hundred bucks to start with, let’s not get too greedy :rofl:

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