Struggling with structuring

So I’ve been trying the structuring exercises from the mastering evocation course and have come to a complete block with this.When I try to imagine something in my inner vision I see nothing.On the other hand if I leave my mind black random objects will appear.The other day I saw in my inner vision a car with wings.When I opened my eyes I saw it fly around for not even a full second.Am I trying too hard? This seems like something that requires a lot of concentration if you want to see a specific thing,but I feel like I shouldn’t be pushing it so hard.Could someone share how they mastered this exercise please,and share if you had or are experiencing these problems.

I don’t know if this might help, but from what you’ve written i wonder if you might be trying to “create-tension think” which is a totally different mind-process… in other words, its like having a hand that was paralyzed and getting it to move- at first it is shaky-uncoordinated, and tires…
but if you just use the other hands instead, as that one works… doesn’t help develop the “new coord” … in other words- the Car with wings “arose” it was n’t “mind left to random” but the part of mind that types and reads isn’t in charge (the old Micro-Manager). --there is a mind that created/found/discovered ? the Car with Wings… Think with that mind, the step 2 is the transfer (which results in it “fly around for not even a full second”)

“Requires a lot of Concentration” implies, to me, create tension (in physical muscles, face-eyes-back / as well as Emotional)… and yet that may help, but only indirectly… in the same way that Psyching Oneself up may help prepare to get up and speak before others (one may feel they need that energy-drive)-

but it isn’t directly tied… and if Psychup “Alone” that doesn’t work [ie to speak before others, you need “others” and you need to speak… the previously prep, is aux only.]
to be more clear, to jumpstart a new process, like str, one may create an internal reaction, but that internal reaction doesn’t cause… (just like the movement of an arm you have exercised “beyond muscle-failure” = exhaustion… one might recruit via other muscles usually having nothing to do with it… but once rested, or once developed clear connection to that, one just does it directly).

The next time you return to this plane from a daydream, try and recall how real it all was with your eyes open the entire time, and with all the noise etc.
Then it will be more obvious that you already have the ability to structure; it only depends on you switching back to that state.