Struggling with possession

Recently I came to the decision to undergo a possession, and I chose King Beleth as the spirit I would be happy to spend the rest of my life with. I suppose it might be an odd choice to some, but personally I think having the love of anyone and everyone is worth an immeasurable amount, one of the greatest kinds of power, for sure. Want a date with that hot guy you just met? Want a potential employer to fall in love with you during an interview? Or to have the cop that just pulled you over feel a strange fondness for you and let you go? All Beleth, baby.

Obviously this is a big undertaking, and even bigger commitment, so I did a reading to see the outcome of this possession, and I was thrilled to be presented with the six of wands (victory card). Alright, so far so good.

So I evoked Beleth and told him of my intention, and he seemed quite pleased with the arrangement. I started off by channeling him, which was a bit uncomfortable as he caused me to heave quite a bit while speaking through me. E.A. mentioned the body might resist being taken over, so I didn’t think much of it.

I can feel his influence all throughout my life now, as I am shown great favor by pretty much everyone I come across, from my boss down to the cute guy I work with. This is great and all, but I really want to take it to the next level, and I’m struggling with the actual possession. I go into theta gamma and we end up speaking with each other astrally, and I invite him in, trying to structure him inside of myself. I don’t seem to get very far, if at all.

I feel like perhaps my mind is getting in the way of things, and have considered perhaps investing in Salvia or DMT to make myself more easily influenced to outside forces. Hell, maybe even getting slightly drunk could do it.

Before I turned to all that though, I figured I’d ask around here and see if anyone else has been experimenting with possession, and how you induce it. Any insight or tips would be appreciated, as I’m eager to get over this road block.


Its great that you have made such progress in what you are doing, however is this ‘perfect possession’ which you are attempting to do not something that takes time?

I’m nowhere near close to what you are doing but when I do utilize channeling for the purposes of divination and feel like I desire something more out of that, I find that I can relax my control and allow partial co-habitation with the entity.

However, I do so by verbalizing what I will intend for the entity to be able to make use of. Say the vocal cords, the eyes, etc. Perhaps you may take it a level further in your case by experimenting with what occurs by sharing or ‘combining’ with the consciousness of Beleth to discover if that allows you to make progress beyond the notion of just sharing a body. Experience Beleth as Beleth experiences you.

If you do finally manage to complete this perfect possession, we’ll be able to converse with Beleth through you!

in modern magick you are given some tips by donald michael kraig

My copy is digital and the chapters aren’t named so I had to do some digging around. Are you referring to the evocation section?

Yup thats it, it names it as invocation

So what is the process after invocation I’m having quite the troubles with this🤔 so it’s that simple? Invoke them then present the idea that you wish to be possessed? And see if they agree or not?

Yes, i have done a perfect possession with King Paimon and when i first did it i felt overwhelmed and sick some of the time. Also, i felt like i had constant talking in my ear and all my sense’s where just overwhelmed. If you did it right then you will know instantly as you’ll feel the said demon’s presence within you almost immediately. Try doing an invocation of King Beleth and ask him if he has taken hold. With an invocation you’ll really get to feel his essence and energy not so much with evocation.