Struggling In Evocation

Hello there let me try to explain what I am struggling at evocation right now.

I use to evoke one of the angels of Shem I commonly use the chants provided by vk, on his site now I already chanted the chants as follows now definitely nothing really happens chanted the chants for numerous times for almost 10 minutes.

the incense already consume half of itself but no strange occurrence or any sign of presence by the spirit now I want guidance from someone here who have already mastered the evocation on what should I suppose to do in order to maintain a successful evocation?

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Have you tried other methods to see the spirit besides looking at the smoke?

There used to be someone here who couldn’t read the smoke so they used a mirrored surface on their alter to help with seeing the spirit.

You might wanna try that.


When it comes to evocation…the most important thing is getting yourself into the theta state. This is the state where you are basically waffling between wake and sleep. You need to get there in order for your brain to start firing off the gamma waves. This is what EA calls the theta-gamma sync. There’s several ways people choose to get to that state: Meditation, sleep deprivation, fasting, drugs, binural beats, etc. You kinda have to go through all the different methods and see which one is best for you…but if you are struggling to feel anything…its probably because you are not in a deep enough trance.

P.S. One of the ways you know that you’re in the theta state is if you start getting what are called hypnagogic jerks…where your body tries slipping into sleep paralysis but because you’re still partially awake, your body “jumps” (ie. you catch yourself falling asleep). This phenomenon only happens when you are in that in-between state. Others report a sensation of falling. Basically, you should feel relaxed to the point where you feel like you could pass out.


Seeing the spirit and communicating just takes practice, but even if you sense absolutely nothing at all, that doesn’t matter for manifesting results. If the spirit knows your request, that is enough.


This is so true, when I do evocations sometimes they don’t manifest but if I sit back and meditate they start working on me and they fulfill my requests also, so I don’t think physical manifestations are necessary but I have noticed having a sensory awareness of the spirit has bonuses

But honestly the more multidimensional you become you won’t need ritual evocations anymore, you can do all of it with your pineal gland

The point in both ritual evocations and mental/astral evocations are they are both powered by your consciousness, so you have to develop your consciousness above all else


So by opening my pineal gland or third eye chakra it would develop a higher consciousness and also make me become a multidimensional being ? I think the merkaba are only entitled to that enables the multidimensional

I am trying to establish a communication with the spirit or a conversation so I am looking to evoke the spirit in a full visible manifestation

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I am trying to get in a theta state the method I prefer to use is by gazing at the sigil of the spirit for a couple of minutes and simultaneously listening to its enn or by chanting its enn a couple times I guess this might enable me into a trance state

Tbh, what you’re doing is good enough to get you into a low alpha state, where you feel generally relaxed…and typically this is good enough for something like sigil magick, where you are relying more on your emotions than your brainwave states. But if you are eager to actually see/experience something during evocation, then you will need to do a bit more than this. May I suggest this meditation that has seemed to work for many folks on here to get them into a deep trance. Again, the goal here is to get to the point where you almost feel like you want to fall asleep. Chanting an enn over and over isn’t typically going to do that for you. What you really need is to quiet your brain down and reduce the amount of stimuli going in.


You don’t need full visible manifestation to communicate with a spirit. It can be quite the experience, but it’s not necessary and I don’t fully get even an internal visual manifestation all the time. It’s something I’d like to develop but not a requirement for results or to receive communication from a spirit. Communicating to a spirit is easy - I often just write in my journal before a summoning. If there is something the spirit needs to convey, it tends to come through one way or another, and grasping at this too much can just lead to delusion and wishful thinking.

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im not expert by any mean,but what help me a lot is to consentrate on my 3d just before fell asleep.
After couple weeks i started to see spirits with my 3d eye.
Not superclear but for me it is a progress.

Well think of it like this, each density has its own vibrational qualities, in the astral plane you’re no longer limited by time so magick and astral communication is way more efficient if you have a solid connection to the astral realms

The 5th dimension isn’t limited by space or time, so your communication with the entity is no longer beyond your consciousness, the reason most people need rituals and physical evocations is because they’re body is still in the 3rd density and can’t reach for higher ones

So things like energy work can help integrate 4D, 5D and higher dimensional energy into your body, meditation also helps because your relaxing the stimulation of the senses and the monkey mind that’s fixated on the external world and you can tap into superconsciousness through stillness, that way you become a more energy based being and your magick becomes directly focused through energy rather than tools and such that can become distracting to the magician that hasn’t mastered their lower mind

When I’m in ritual every tool I use holds a significance in the macrocosm, without that connection to my macrocosm the magick wouldn’t have the same effect, same goes for evocation and any other type of magick or mysticism, your consciousness powers everything, the more light you tap into the more power you can discharge and harness

Ritual itself is simply to create change in consciousness, you can do the same thing inside, the problem is most people think they have to do rituals physically so when they attempt to do it mentally doubt seeps in

Humans are gods, Gods do not need tools for their magick

I only use tools because it’s fun, but my guides always push me to let go of tools and focus more on meditation and energy and they are right 100% because I’ve noticed the difference, same with connecting to spirits, you can connect to them wjth simple will if you wanted to, you just have to obliterate the blocks in your consciousness that keep you from doing so

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Speaking of deep trance this would be the possible portal for a spirit to let someone sense their presence now after entering into a deep trance state does it really mean following after that I have to perform the evocation?

Yes, once you get into a deep enough trance, you then would proceed to call upon whatever spirit you wish.

I’m always interpreting that the Delta state are just like sleeping but with the mind is neutral to any possible thing that might distract the mind same as sleeping now I wanna know if after I get into delta state should I proceed to evoke any entity ? I prefer to listen in some binaural beats on YouTube to get into that state

The delta state is the sleeping state. You wont be doing any evocations to physical manifestation while asleep