Ive done zen meditation and the whole thing is to not get attached on one thought. That being said the whole concept of structuring is alittle foriegn to me. Are we making the image up in our inaginations our seeing whats in front of us? Im unclear on this. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Structuring is projecting an image from your imagination into the air in front of you, externalizing an internal picture. It aids you in perceiving the form of a spirit.

Basically, you hallucinate things in front of you, to the point where you overlap the worlds. When it comes to evocation, you let the vision of the spirit come internally (you don’t structure it yourself), then you project it in front if you.

Structuring and visualization only helps you with seeing it better when it comes.

Structuring is not a mere ‘hack’ to get one to the point of being able to perceive the appearance of spirits ‘outside’ of oneself. As with visualisation it is an essential part of the key to alchemy, which you will come to grasp when, instead of spirits, you begin evoking your desires directly into the world.

A very easy way to practise this is to look at the same art or images, or play the same video game all day long, to the point that one struggles to even get these out of ones mind. Then one doesn’t have to worry about keeping a visualisation in mind, and the projection of it outside of oneself comes almost effortlessly, allowing one to ‘get the feel’ for hitting the sweet spot and even manipulating the vision right before ones eyes. Mastery comes through familiarity. Now that’s a hack. Magic without tears :wink:

On a related note, you can do the same with white noise to structure sounds.

[quote=“Poete Maudit, post:6, topic:2401”]On a related note, you can do the same with white noise to structure sounds.[/quote] Wow thank you so much for clarifying that. Because thats sonething ive done sibce i was alittle kid. I see faces spirits in everything. Now im just gonna roll with this. Thanks so much

Basically the difference between the inner and the outer vision here is that with the structuring you are causing yourself to interpret real sensory information from the physical world in a new way, as all vision is in a sense internal and even spiritual. The interesting thing is that when two people who have trained themselves do this together they should share the same vision, suggesting that this is not just a projection on a canvas but something physically manifesting - that is to say, something spiritual interacting with matter.

Yeah, I first noticed this as a kid playing Tetris. I realised that after hours of playing I could cause the blocks to appear to me staring at my ceiling in the dark and basically play the game without a machine.

It’s funny you mention about getting something stuck in your head.I totally agree on this.
Earlier today I had an annoying song from one of my daughters TV shows stuck in my head so I decided to try and roll with it.
Within a couple minutes of concentration I could hear the song almost audibly in my ears.

This is definitely key to building ones vision/hearing I think.

I’m going to start doing this with photos and other sounds for practice.
Thanks for mentioning this Poette.

structuring is seeing or daydreaming a future memory.

when you think of things that have happened in the past you see visions, hear sounds, or feel feelings from the past. with structuring, you are seeing visions, hearing sounds, or feeling feelings from the FUTURE.

it’s a strange concept to grab hold of but when you realize that anything you can imagine can be realized, and step out of time, then you go from reacting to the past to creating in the future time period.

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