Strong Banishing Spell Help

i need help. i need a strong banishing that seriosuly works without problems. i’ve been having bad tricksters and even evil approach. i need something that works a strong spell. none of the small stuff like light this, put energy into this candle, call on deities or home guardians, is working. i’ve even tried the luna in the server not much luck. yes i have wards and stuff. the recent help with suggestions haven’t worked.

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Do you know what’s acting as the root cause of your problems? Tricksters and evil is pretty vague. The efficacy of banishing is strongly reduced if you don’t know what your target is.

someone’s trickster was told to me as evil and thinking makes it more powerful and i’m trying not to let it in by thinking. i need help setting a strong ward

If this is a specific entity that was sicced on you by someone then the best thing to do would be give it a good psychic punch in the nose. Purely defensive maneuvers are only good for avoiding incidental damage, if the attacker is actually targeting you then he’s just going to keep chipping away at your defenses no matter how strong your wards are. If you’ve ever fought off a creature in a dream then you know the basic principal for this. Assume an aggressive predatory mental stance and attack it whenever you notice it rearing its head. Use a weapon that makes sense and that you can project over reality with a good amount of faith, weaponized auras are good for beginners. Another good technique is to feel and see in your mind’s eye your hands growing long claws, and then use these to drain the energy from the offending entity.

Charles Cosimano also has a good book on magical combat called Psionic Warfare, he’s made it available on his site for free: E books
It has a bit of fluff so I’d skip to the “Basic Training” and “Thoughtforms” section if you’re in a hurry.

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no one sent it. it’s an evil trickster that i sorta got into the mojo with, with other people.

Forget banishing. Go on the offensive, and burn it with fire. If it wants a fight, give it one.


i made home guardians specifically to do that burn and boa constrictor until it dies from fire and eaten alive but it’s like it doesn’t work because i have seeing, hearing, feeling for it so i can tell what happens.

Send it to me. I have a trickster, “clinger” according to some psychics. Just tell it to come to me and play with my ‘‘trickster’’


Do it yourself. Down here, you are the powerful one. Servitors don’t have half the power you do. It’s your reality, so you get to decide what you will allow in it.

One of the most profound ways to take back control is to deny the spirit its existence. Turn your back on it, and refuse to give it any more attention or energy. Completely ignore anything it says or does. Consider it impotent with no power over you at all.

This is important: No matter what you see, or hear, or experience, shut it down. It didn’t happen. Even if you’re yanked out of bed and thrown against the wall, deny it. Concentrate your mind on concrete and mundane explanations for anything and everything. Your mind is incredibly powerful, and one of its many wondrous features is the ability to rationalize away anything.

This is possibly the most difficult, but ultimately, the most i powerful, method of banishing a spirit I know of. Deny the trickster an existence in your universe. Laugh at yourself for believing in it. It’s Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy. You don’t have time to believe in fairy tales.


is it possible one wants to prove so hard i will try this but i don’t want to keep doing it for months. i feel like it would be hard because of the senses i use and talk out loud with friends when we communicate and talk about whose around. i couldn’t trick the trickster

ouu can you help me with one. seriously it’s outside my wards waiting. it won’t leave.