Strong And Powerful Protection Spell

I have something I think some of us need, what some of us lack. I see people looking for protection, something to always shield them from evil eyes, evil people, evil spell casters, but they get scammed. Some people even attract parasites into their life while seeking protection.

I see how the innocent are been tortured and how those who do this evil works only do it to gratify their own vain glory.

This Spell/Charm is a sort of protection but not totally a protection. It will shield you from some evil works; let’s say someone sent you an evil attack it can destroy it. If someone always wish you evil, the spell will let the evil fall on them. It’s mainly to torture and hurt those who want your downfall. It’s a big wall of protection, you just need to know that one protection spell doesn’t cover all grounds.

The spell isn’t directed at anyone, because if it is so it has become a baneful spell. Just cast the spell, let it do its wonders. Even the enemies that are not visible to you, the spell will strike them.

I casted mine months ago and the funny part is that it brought me a female Spirit; for some people it will attract a male Spirit. Now, she came into my room, and then made a sign for me to note her presence. This happened an hour or less after I casted the spell. She look all decent, beautiful looks; I even had thoughts like, “Will this one be able to do anything?” Lol Because she look too calm and innocent.

I helped someone fixed their life for the best back then, and the enemy behind the man’s fall sent me a baneful work. I saw these crazy, scary, ugly looking creatures coming at me; then new ones with beautiful looks also appeared. Then I saw my lady here, I don’t know what she did or said, then I saw strange, terrible soldiers appeared. All black skin. They look very terrible. I instantly saw the trouble makers ran away. I was like, “wow women will always be women, be it human or spirit; there is something called Mother hidden in them.

The Spell .

Items you need for this are: paper, nail, rock .

Write on a small clean A4 paper:

Set a wicked one to be ruler over those who hate me; let Satan stand at the right hand of those who persecute me. Let them be continually tortured; beat them down that they may rise no more. They should fall into the pit they dug for me; I should be victorious and them be put to shame.

(There is something at the back of the paper which I didn’t include here, but this little one will suffice)

When you’re done preparing the spell, then let’s finish it…

Dig the ground, not too much, place the paper inside it and put the nail through the paper and push it into the ground (like you pinned the paper there). The part where the words are written should face down. Heat the rock, make it very hot, put it on top (anywhere around it. Then bury it. Cover that part of the ground you dug.

That’s it.

  • For those who have their senses developed, when this operation is carried out. You should do a quick scan of what you just did. Confirm it yourself if the spell is active and working or maybe you just did rubbish; because it looks simple and easy it may appear as if it’s nothing.

  • Note: The Spirit behind the spell may leave without saying anything to you if he or she didn’t see you worthy of his or her protection, didn’t get positivity from you or maybe your place is filled with energy which they can’t withstand (they like clear atmosphere, not places full of dirts or dark aura or particles).

They would only work for a short time if you’re around places full of dirts, or someone who live a dirty and ugly life.

  • An angel told me that if you keep attracting dirts, parasites etc to yourself they won’t stay, always saving you, it would look like they are taken for granted, and they will leave.

It’s in your hands people.