Stress and less energy?

Hello fellow vampires! I had an incredibly stressful couple of days. I found myself tired and groggy and as the stress increased this got worse. Tonight I decided to feed on some “cattle” and I feel like a brand new person! I know stress is physically tiring but in your experience does it also deplete energy? This is something I’ve never thought about.

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In my experiences it has. For example I’ve stayed up rather late and I’ve had to basically pay the price so to speak. Other times i just exhausted myself to that point

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Yeah You can deplete yourself of energy because of stress. Stress is a low frequency energy after all. Anyway, it could be also someone attempting doing something to you (as a curse or a thoughtform or so on) and you might not be aware of it. Check your energy field make sure you don’t have something attached that drains you or induce you stress feelings

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Stress causes an adrenal gland dump of DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) and cortisol hormones.
These hormones can trigger poor sleep and other physical imbalances. If the stress is chronic, this leads to fatigue. Energy levels are defiantly affected by this fight-flight-focus mechanism.


Strangly, a short-term stress can actually benefit your brain and body (boost brainpower, increase immunity, motivates you to succeed, just a few proven facts).
When stress becomes chronic it negatively affects us in many different ways.
Long term stress is closely realated to self denying.
Learning to deal with stressful situations is at my focus lately - to see the world as it is and to know myself better, the side of myself I suppressed in order to make my life more comfortable.

Dealing with it is definitely a valuable skill. Vampirism is helpful in this, but so is caffeine and nicotine.