Strength Spell

Is there any spell or magickal way to increase my physical strength. I am talking about any way whether it be herbs, botanical, witchcraft. I will be facing some people so need insane strength and speed. Basically, need to get very strong.


Try using the search (magnifying glass) in the top right section. if nothing pops up then I would search google or other websites


Do you have experience calling upon any Goetic demons? Leraje (LEH-RAY-EH) has the power “to improve physical strength or endurance,” so it sounds like he’s right up your alley.

Just to note, I doubt that you will notice the effects of this magick right away. It’s likely one of those where you look back after a couple weeks and see that you have made much, much faster progress than usual, and that your efforts were all extra-effective. Put forth effort to improve your strength just as you normally would, and the demon will empower you beyond what you could normally accomplish.

It sounds like you’ll be getting into a fight of some sort? Leraje can also weaken your enemies, should that be required. Of course, Azazel may teach you martial arts as well, could likely improve your technique, grant you strength in battle. Raphael could also grant you healing and vitality, preparing your body for the increased stress and helping with any pain.

Best of luck friend.


Use a Spare-style Chaos sigil.

There is a story about Austin Osman Spare where he used the intention “It is my will to have the strength of a tiger” (I think) to obtain quick strength when he needed it.

The sigil uses your own subconscious mind and would be much quicker to take affect than using a spirit.


How can we use such a sigil and where to find it? Is it possible it will give me increased strength and can you provide the sigil.


You make it yourself.

Take the intention statement, remove the repeating letters, and turn the remaining letters into a glyph. Then, you enter trance, and fire off the sigil into the ether.


Samael is good for everything offense and defense. Even boosting strength.

So are Ares and Athena.

I’ve asked for Samael’s (as well as Ares and Athena) help in Marital Arts and I’m under the impression that he wants to see me put in more work before he intervenes.


@Twilight_Dragon do you use a sigil to call samael or any other ritual?


In all honesty, I just asked him.

Today at Karate I noticed Silver Orbs near me and so he was there. Didn’t do any ritual yet…

My advice would be to ask him politely for a sign as to if he can help you.


From Slavic Paganism, Bog Perun and Bog Simargle are petitioned for strength in the battlefield. And Bog Stribog is petitioned for victory against your enemies.

To petition them, you must first light a candle (you have to keep it burning until it burns out, so it’s better to use a candle that comes in a container) and say, “Xhors Dazhbog, come into this space in the form of this flame and make this place sacred as you make Yav sacred.”

Then put an offering of cheese, bread, and cereal (or dry oatmeal), and some vodka into a fire-safe bowl.

Then invoke the Bog you want to invoke (one offering bowl for one Bog, don’t share one offering for multiple Bogi, they will be insulted and you will receive no help from them). Slavic invocation has four parts: the invocation of the name, the description of the situation, and the giving of the offering, and the request.

An example might be, “Bog Simargle, who is so strong he is chained among the stars lest he destroy our world, I have a fight coming up with opponents who have wounded my pride, I seek their defeat. Here is a gift for you [light the vodka on fire with a barbecue lighter or a match], grant me your strength and power in the coming battle.”

Let both flames run themselves out.

Afterward, when you have attained your goal and you have been victorious in your fight, do the same thing that you did for the invocation and offering. Light the candle, invoking Xhors Dazhbog, prepare the bowl for offering. A thanksgiving offering has three parts: invocation, the action the bog did, and offering.

An example might be: “Bog Simargle, chained on account of your mighty strength, you have granted me victory with my fight thank you for fulfilling my needs. Here is a reward for your hard work.” And light the Vodka on fire, with a match or a barbecue lighter.

I hope this helps you.

Slava Bogum!

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How long do you have to prepare?

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1 week max