Strategy for my situation

Hi everyone. I am here to ask your opinion on the best strategy for turning my situation around. I have a man I love very much. He is from Nepal, and his parents are very strict and traditional. They want him to marry soon.

He said that they would not approve of us. He wants to stop seeing me even though it breaks both our hearts. We are really in love, but he has a jealous streak. We started as friends with benefits. He adored me. His roommates adored me also, and they were so close that they shared me.

Update: Got it! Problem solved.
It wasn’t long before we just fell in love before we knew what hit us. It was freakin’ powerful! He didn’t want to share me anymore. He went ape shit the last couple of times I was with another man. I never did anything behind this guy’s back.

I told him if I was going to do something, and he said yes. He said yes to his friend once when his friend asked to have me. He says “YES” every time, then goes crazy and acts like I did something and lied to him.

I was happily exclusive with him after that, but he is too paranoid now. He can’t live his whole life worrying if I am cheating on him. I wouldn’t be. For me that part of the deal is over, but he still can’t drop it.

Should I do reconciliation work? How do I keep him here in the U.S with me? I want us to leave the past. I want to heal his heart and mind.
For me, the ultimate outcome would be that he stays here. He no longer feels the hurt and paranoia about me and other men. We get married.

Where to start? I have a friend who can help me, but I need to know the best way for us to go about it. Thanks so damn much! I don’t know what I would do without BALG to whine to.