Strange Things Happening While I’m Sleeping (What’s Going On?)

So I’ve had this happen to me since I was about 16. I often wake up missing articles of clothing and with strange bruises. I tried not to think anything of it for awhile because most of the time the bruises were on my arms so I thought I’d hit them on something in my sleep, but recently I’ve been finding more pronounced ones on my hips.

They normally last around two or three days.
Another weird thing that happens to me sometimes is when I’m trying to go to sleep and it feels like something is laying next to me, and when I hold my breath I still feel rising and falling against my back
I guess I’m just trying to figure out what is going on?
I’ve seen some people talk about incubi on here, is that what’s happening? Any advice or insight on what’s happening or what to do is greatly appreciated.

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You’re not being molested in your sleep , at worse I’d say it’s a case of bad sleep walking , you should ask someone to monitor you will you sleep or record yourself

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It definitely sounds like a incubus to me. Can you use a spirit board to try to contact it if you can’t see or hear on your own? Do you remember any of your dreams? There could be major clues in your dreams too.

Thank you, I will try that.

A lot of the dreams I have when it happens are very sexual. For example the bruises from the picture I found after I had a really weird dream about somebody trying have sex with me and sucking on my hip. Who it was I don’t know. Typically though the bruises don’t have a huge connection like that. I do have a lot of nightmares about being raped.

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Have you ever seen a face? Even if you don’t know it could be who is coming to you. Maybe try writing down everything you remember every morning to see if you put the pieces together. You aren’t crazy this is very much like a incubus or even an astral lover.

You’re claiming you’re pretty new to all this. So, personally I believe you shouldn’t use a spirit board, because this could open you for more than may be going on.

However, before you think of an incubus, you should check, that it isn’t a healthy condition or something else. Such bruises can appear because of a lot of different reasons. I know for a fact, there is a healthy condition where even up to wounds can open on the body and those suffering from it, frequently will get it during sleep. Maybe, visit first a dermatologist, just in case, before trying to find some “magickal remedy” which could never come and making yourself crazy over it.

You should first exclude any other possibility, before thinking, it is an incubus. Only then, you should look into this case. Though, you surely can have yourself filmed during sleep.


Not all such nightmares are always demons or incubi. Our mind may interpret sometimes specific things in such a way and create such images or impressions, which the state our body is in during sleep (paralysis) and the limited amount of conscious sensory can attribute to it.

Yes, raping incubi can happen, but I believe, it’s not as frequent as some people believe it to be.

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As said above, first check it isn’t a disease, then check about sleepwalking, you could record it if you want, and at the end of it, if you want to chase it out and you’re sure it’s magick try getting so salty water and clean your floors with it.

My sister used to have scratches on her body that happened whenever she was about to do something bad/weird, and before that she had a woman in white and black hair appear to her in the bathroom while she was crying after a fight with my mum, later on that night she appeared to me in my dream and to my mum and told us she just wants to protect her and help guide her. So whenever something bad was about to happen she’d get a scratch or a feeling as a sort of warning to not do it. In our case it’s nothing bad, so it is all up to you. I’d still do a salty water cleansing if I were you


Okay I will try that, thank you!

Alright I will check into it, thank you!

Thank you so much!

Banish before going to sleep for a while and see how you feel.

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Okay so I feel conflicted about this. On one hand the skin marks can be explained away but the feeling that there is an entity near you is not so easily dissmisable. And the fact that you have corresponding marks on your hip that correlate with the dream of someone treating that hip like a snack. It could very well be an incubus or other entity like Angleb said.

But on the other hand I do see thejimy’s point. Sometimes the mind can make you start thinkin all sorts of stuff when you’re freaked out about something that can’t be explained.

I would recommend the advice of both of them. Do a HEAVY banishing. It can’t hurt and it can only help. And I would think it also would be wise to get medically checked out, if you’re able to. (I know that may be difficult cause the world is nuts atm) And the camera idea while your sleeping is genius.

Either way you gotta get to the bottem of this.


I agree with banishing if you don’t like what is going on. Since you are so new. It could be a parasite. Don’t think it is just an health issue when it could spiritual. This is a forum full of us that truly have physical interactions with spirits. Also do think it is completely spiritual when I couple be something health related.

After doing a good banishing if the marks keep coming then you know it is health. I would recommend a Lupus Tither year because it looks at the looks for Autoimmune diseases and those can be front runners for bruises. (I have lupus and they test for everything under the sun before they say you have Lupus. Took 5 years for them to diagnose me with lupus).


Autoimmune diseases run in my family so that very well could be the case. I think I’m going to try a mix of everyone’s suggestions and see how that goes. Thank you all so much for your help!


Yup , try a ton of experiments and expand on the one you find the most results with

I get those myself and bruises as well. What you describe reminds me a lot of what incubus and or a true soulmate that you have yet to come across and realize.

I would banish as several suggested just to be safe and see what happens. @Angelb1083 gave some great advice about a lupus test to be safe as well.