Strange story someone told me once

I was thinking today about this weird story I heard once and I thought I would relay it on here because obviously you fine folks will probably have a very different take from the original perspective. In any case it is pretty interesting I thought.

Maybe ten years ago I took a religion class offered for free in my community, and sponsored by a local Christian church. (It seemed interesting at the time.) Anyways once evening, while a few of us in the class were chatting with the visiting preacher, who was in town to teach the class, he told us this tale that had be told to him by someone in his home congregation, and that he had no reason to assume was untrue.

A very devout member of his extremely conservative church had lost a little girl a couple years before, to some kind of tragedy. One night this poor lady had been alone upstairs in her house, when her small daughter appeared out of nowhere, looking like she had in life, wearing her favorite little dress. The child-spirit apparently spoke to her sounding just like she should have, and claimed she knew she had died, but that she was not really gone at all, just in a better place ‘with God, in Heaven.’ The now terrified lady instantly started to shout about ‘the devils trickery,’ and screamed it it to get out of her home at once in the name of Jesus Christ. The child-spirit at once changed form and the lady found herself looking at what was described simply as a terrible little demonic creature, that laughed and mocked her before she screamed at it louder to leave, and then screamed for her husband and called the preacher. (Now of course I know that from a Christian viewpoint ‘demonic’ will mean almost anything and not fit so strict a definition as used in occult studies. This little tale had been told to us mostly as a caution about why we should not be bothered in any way with the paranormal, or with the idea of ever hearing from the dead.

I myself was baffled when I first heard this, because while I was not religious and only there for interest sake, I had little understanding of any other mindset either. I decided it was more than likely just made up nonsense, passed around prove some silly point about blindly following god and fearing anything else.

Sounds like bull shit to me. I know, hard to believe a Christian would lie. Not. They’re so hung up on the whole “being lead away from God” thing, it makes me wanna puke. Siva, Buddha, even loving, friendly Ganesha, all demons.

I once asked a Thumper how a religion thousands of years older than Christianity (there’s good evidence in the Rig Veda that the beliefs therein may date to as early as 6000 BC) or Judaeism, be demonic. Why would God wait thousands of years, letting all of His children go to Hell, before revealing Himself? The answer made me want to face palm myself with a cast iron skillet because the stupidity hurt so bad: “God has a plan, and only He knows what it is”. Oy vey.

There are no bad demons or good angels. Colour and shape they get from us (Franz Bardon)

Sounds like a bad combination of religious guilt, late night tv and too much sacramental wine before bed.

I always get a kick when Christians tell people that so and so is in heaven now or that they received messages from the dead about Heaven when their own doctrine contradicts this. The Bible says that the dead stay dead until the day of judgement, so any time I hear those kind of stories I “ask” why their holy book says otherwise.

The woman could have experienced something - some astral asshat (they do exist) picking up on what was probably her crippling conflict between trying to accept “God’s will” in taking her daughter away, with the desire to believe God knows best.

This is a major dilemma for religious people of any kind - “if God loves me, why does he let so much bad shit happen?” - it must be terrible for someone who’s lost someone in the way she had.

Also, her major and desperate desire to see her daughter one more time, which I think everyone feels after a loss like that… she’d be easy prey to something that wanted to play games.

So I believe it could have happened, but I don’t think it changes anything about the basic worldview whereby demons (so-called) are not always harmful or malevolent - we don’t generalise like that in human society (“A blonde person was mean to me, therefore all blondes are mean”) and nor should we with spirits.

I just pity the poor lady that she was unable to freely learn, in a safe and mature way, to communicate with her own child, which would have alleivated her greif and angst. People like that are why sites like this that normalise the occult and provide tools just like it was learning a language or any other skill are so important, IMO - even core shamanism (which is also controversial) gives people methods that they can use in these situations.

Hohoho! I have been chuckling throughout reading this. What amuses me is that people spend their whole life praying to some entity they know is invisible untouchable and intangible called God, They know god is a spirit, not a a being or creature living in our dimension. They accept his existence, but when they get a result, at seeing something paranormal, they immediately say it is of the devil. All Christians believe and hope that when their loved ones die, they go to Heaven and live at peace and bliss with god. So why did she refuse to believe when the little girl appear in a form she knew?
But more funny is that it definitely was not the spirit of of her dead little one, but a playful spirit. which immediately changed and laughed at her. Oh dear… She should ask herself why, after all that faith in her god, do demons still have access to her… What a lot of cobblers!
I think that pastor lied… The woman would not have reacted that way if she had seen an apparition of someone she was mourning. i would not have… i would have been happy…