Strange Spiritual Interference In My Video

This Video.

The topic of this video is excuses, beginners and even long time magicians give excuses that they can’t do this spell or this ritual and I wanted to discuss this in a video format.

Strange Spiritual Interference With My Recording.

During the talk I just finished a ritual and the power of the nine demonic gatekeepers still lurked in the environment. The visuals as well as minor parts of the audio begin “freaking out” it’s interesting to watch not only because of the topic but because of the strange activity throughout.


I enjoyed the video, I like the dark lighting, very effective in conveying your message. I also enjoyed your vids on sigils, great topic and spirit vessels, love the low light with candle reflections, informative and interesting. You sound Scottish, perhaps northern England. Cheers.


Strange thing about is the distortion part doesnt reach his face which makes his face area clear

And the other strange is if you listen around 7:03 & 7:47 the audio echoing is loud
Its more like the gatekeepers spoke to us from the video

Enjoyed the video, share with us more in the futuRe


Great message. I really enjoyed watching this video :slight_smile: your face and appearance changed a bunch of times. Really cool!

I think I needed this not going to say why but I’ve actually called out with out the use of tools and such but I haven’t been calling others like I have planned to do so thank you for this how ever I did want to know about what I asked you in p.m is there a way I can do that myself? For personal reasons could use the money