Strange sensations

Hello fellow users, I write here tonight because I have been experiencing some strange kundalini rising sensations, and that became even more disturbing since it happens frequently in class (University Campus here). It even came to a point that it was so strong it actually hurt and if I would have relaxed enough, I would have came.
I also remarked that I felt pats on the top of the head (feels like the hair is touched also and my head may spin sometimes) at the same time that I feel the deep arousal. But it can also happen independently; it started approximately two or three weeks ago since the interaction with several succubi at my campus. I also began to feel kind of attracted as soon as I (re)discovered the name of Naamah…
Talking about it, I have the impression that someone is with me and acts like a mother figure, but I am not certain.
I cannot really explain it, that just happened. I should also mention that I am a poet since I am 8 years old and apparently my relatives find it really moving and beautiful (Apparently everyone tells me that I’m talentful, but I kinda doubt it myself) I read a post about King Paimon too and I found curious that I have approximately the “same” temper as his.
So I was really curious about that and wonder if any of you could explain this please.

Regards, Anton G.