Strange reaction after meditation?

Today I was meditating using information from E. A. Koetting’s Black Magick course (a very smart perches) I started with saying “ah” and it turned into a whisper then it mixed with what I feel as a ghost whisper and seemed to come from another. I opened my eyes I could feel a connection with a spirit the feel in the temple was what I felt a “happy” feeling. I had to answer the door and leave here is where it felt weird. As I was getting up I felt like I was moving but something was pulling me back or wanted me to go back as I got out I felt a like a flash but pushed past it.

This kind of stuff has happened before that either shadows to show a spirit was there or as I was between sleep and awake I heard a growl and I felt something there. I was able to recreate the sound so I think it was something influencing me to show it is there or me snoring. So here is where it makes me think it’s all a part of them working to awaken my ability to see them I also hear a high pitch ringing in my ears when they are near. Or I was in a deeper meditation and quickly switching between that and having to get back into the real world had a bit of an affect. I don’t feel a bad feeling now just confused.

With some time to think about it and to wrap this up here are the two ways I see it.

  1. Something malicious was in the temple all tho it felt “happy” I have a feeling it was not a good happy like i’m working to gain power but something that was using me.

  2. I am not used to feeling the spirits and this was a deeper or different meditation and switching between had a strange affect and with this and the other ways my powers have been growing this is just to be expected.

So am I over reacting or do I have reason to be worried? :confused: I hope this makes sense.

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Do a laser banishment pentagram ritual just in case.

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Laser banishing ritual? Like “I banish all forces that are harmful”?

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I guess he means Lesser. LBRP is not only for harmful, banishes everything. If you perform it, make sure to cover all consecrated items.


Thanks man I’ll give it a shot. :slight_smile:

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