Strange question

So long story short, yesterday I was riding my bike and got stopped by a cop. Apparently I was riding on the wrong side of the rode. I had no idea I thought I was doing the right thing. He pulled me over. He told me what I did wrong and all that, blah blah. Then he started asking me if i had any weapons on me. I said no, which I didn’t. He asked me if I had any drugs on me. I didn’t have any illegal drugs. But I did have some Xanax. I am prescribed to Klonopin but not xanax. I just had those cause I ran out. But they were in my bag. He asked to search my bag. Now these pills were in plain sight. As you know maybe Xanax bars are long. He looked right where they were and didn’t say a damn word. He wrote me a warning for riding on the wrong side of the road and let me go. Maybe he just let me off cause I was respectful to him, or maybe he really didn’t see them. I kind of have this gut feeling that maybe someone was looking over me at that moment to make him not see them. I’ve been thinking about Belial a lot. From what I know he has something to do with law. Do you think it could have been him watching over me ? I already thanked him yesterday just in case. But I really just want to know if that is true. My astral senses aren’t that great. So I didn’t hear anything back. I would love to know if he is watching over me. If anyone has any feedback please can you let me know.
Also maybe if anyone could ask him for me that would be awesome. I know I need to start meditating more so I can get my astral senses better.
Anyways thank you guys for your time even if you just read this.



I’m curious where you live and was it a motorcycle?
In the states that’s borderline; it’s a stretch for him to ask to search your person like that. Resisting isn’t a good idea but you could get him good for searching without good cause. It could be argued being on the wrong side of the road is grounds but there are mitigating circumstances that could easily be brought up on that one.

I’d think it’s a strong possibility someone did help you out. I’d say do more meditation and find out who it was :slight_smile: it could be a good relationship for you.

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Yeah, that could be a sign of the fact that He’s watching you. Something in refference to Belial happened to me too. Something in regards with some people that were from the local village hall and were trying to do illegal stuff with destroying a green space (my yard) and cut the trees from my yard to build parking spaces that were payed with money. I was just thinking about contacting Belial and I was also thinking about Him when out of nowhere those idiots somehow abandoned what they wanted to do. I was thinking about Belial and then asked if Belial did help me and then for no reason, an object fell down for no reasons (I think that was a sign that could say that I was being watched by Belial…).

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You could meditate all day and night this day, but if the next day you took a pause let’s say for a week and then you start again it would be pointless.

That sounds like a yes to me :slight_smile:


Sorry for the confusion it was a bicycle lol. I wish I had a motorcycle then I would know the rules before I got one it lol. But I live in the south near the coast

Yes that makes sense. No I want to get to be able to do it every night. The place I’m living at I’m not really able to have the privacy to do it during the day. I have the house to myself at night so I can do it then.

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That’s not true for everyone.
If you exercise and don’t for one day it doesn’t reverse everything you’ve done.

Meditation is Very important but missing a day isn’t going to make all your hard work evaporate. I would agree more than a week might set you back some but not back to zero.
This thread is really good on daily ways to keep your practice in the forefront :slight_smile:

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Lol that cop was full of shit then.
I’m glad someone was helping you out.

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Thank you. I really hope it was someone helping me out. Cause when I got home and like opened my wallet it was the first damn thing I saw. NO way he didn’t see it.

If I don’t do that for 2-3 days, I will feel like shit, sometimes that happens in less than 24 hours.

That’s actually odd :confused:
With exercise for example the body isn’t supposed to be going every day unless you shift which muscle group you do for each day.

With muscle mass it takes a while to build it and likewise it takes a while to loose it.
Everyone’s different though.

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Some cops will forget about the little things if you’re respectful. I have a known a couple personally that wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about a couple of bars, as long as you’re not acting stupid.

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