Strange Occurence during Meditation

( i’m not sure if i post this Topic in the Right Place)

Hi, hope everyone are doing good.
Strange things happen every time i meditate since two or three weeks now
I’ve been meditating for at least 6 years now and this never really happen to me before,

Here’s what happen,

While i’m doing void meditation, my Astral vision kick in and suddenly i see my body assuming the Form of an Old Men, in the 40, he have a bald head, a long white brown beard and wear just white, When Assuming this Form, my Aura expend so much and look like white fire.

I can feel the Energy around my Body very strongly while i’m in this Form

When i enter in this Form, my mind quiet instantly, i feel a great peace and a great serenity, This sensation is the most beautiful i had until now.

I was thinking that it was may be my Higher self, or my Holy Guardian Angel like Crowley said, i’m not sure,

Those anyone here had similar experience?

What are your opinion on this?


He could be your guardian demon.

Thanks for Answering, Its Probably my Higher Self or Daimon like i love to call him.

Since it’s calming and peaceful, then it’s probably an angel of some kind. Tall, brown-beard, white clothes? Sounds either like Sandolphon (governs the realm of Malkuth). It sounds like you astral projected into his temple which usually leads to you meeting your HGA. I don’t know if you conversed with it or not. Usually you would have to go through gates, meet one of his angelic hosts and give a gift if you were knowingly going there. Since you sounded like you got there accidentally, they usually don’t mind. Ask for further information if you want to get there in a controlled method. Congratulations!

It happen again Yesterday, before reading your reply.

it was more intense, While doing Meditation, i assume the same form, and everything start to radiate from behind me, all the ground where i was sitting, in my meditation room, turn to brillant white marble, the wall were burn by a Brillant White fire before being replaced by White marble wall, After this, the Form i was assuming change a little bit, the being was now wearing a hood and have two pair of Wings.

After this, i change my Asana and Lie on the ground, above me i see a White gold Gate, i transfer my counsciousness in that gate and found myself in a Giant Room, The room was build in White Marble, and the Being was Here, i just look at him and finally go back to my Body

I will start the experiene Again today.

By the way, i usually never work with Angelic Being, i work most with Demon and Spirits, but my First real Invocation was Angel.

Thanks for answering!

If/when it happens again, ask him who he is and what’s this about! We do sometimes forget to ask these things, done it myself, but it’s the best way to be certain.

If/when it happens again, ask him who he is and what’s this about! We do sometimes forget to ask these things, done it myself, but it’s the best way to be certain.[/quote]

I forgot to mention that, myself. IF it is Sandolphon, you’ll need a few passwords for that. Ask it what it’s number is, color, scent or if it knew who Elijah (the Prophet) was.

I say this now for the number as it’s name should be a gemetria that’s equal to it’s name. Doesn’t matter if you don’t know it or have ever heard of the system. You can PM me or post on the thread, your choice.

Ok, i will ask him next time,

First i wanted to Thanks all Those who have Replied to this Post, its really appreciated,

I finnaly Found out who was this Being, It is not Sandalphon, It is an aspect of my Higher Self,

I can assume this Form at will when i’m doing Healing Work or any Meditation and it really Enchance my Work,

This is very interesting because s few months back while working with my chakras I went through a series of golden gates. There was white all around and kinda like white smoke. When I went through the third gate I was handed a golden dagger. I never figured out exactly what it was all about.

Who taught you the void meditation how do you know that? Is that you brother?

Void Meditation, i mean the Kind of Meditation the Zen Buddhist are doing, I learn it by Myself, I dont think i’m your Brother, Adam.

Oh never mind then. I thought you were talking about a different void meditation. And a brother of mine has been MIA for a while.