Strange Experiance During Meditation

So for the past couple of days during my meditation sessions I would start of as normal.Sitting cross legged on the floor,sometimes using a musta associated with a certain chakra (I’ve been working on my root chakra and plan on working my way up),but other than that nothing out of the ordinary.

As I began to enter deep trance I would begin seeing visions.
Only they weren’t fantastical visions brought to me by the Gods.They were scenes of certain close friends of mine in their apartment and they would be talking to me.Nothing important.If I remember correctly one vision I had I was seeing my friends apartment from my POV sitting on his couch and he was standing by his dining table and asked if I wanted a drink or something to eat.Something very ordinary.

Now by the time I start receiving these visions I’m in very deep trance.The visions seem so real that I’ve caught myself answering the people in my visions out loud only to realize that I’m sitting in my room alone far away from the people I saw and was trying to speak to.

Also last night I had a simular vision once again from my POV of me walking down the street to the entrance of my neighborhood.A route I take almost daily to go to the nearby store.

Any thoughts on what could be going on here? It sort of feels like when I’m seeing these visions I’m actually there and the hour of night I meditate at would be when said friends would be asleep.

Am I somehow meeting up with these friends on the astral?
And also no I am not in anyway thinking of these people or places when these visions accure.


This sounds like the sort of thing Geof Grey-Cobb described in his New Avatar Power book - people seeing visions of conversations. I suggest you try to find out whether what you’re seeing IS accurate.

I see random stuff all the time when I close my eyes, especially if I’m very tired - children playing, someone grooming a horse, people walking down a shop-lined street… I don’t pay them much attention but they’re very realistic. I’ve never tried controling them because I can;t think of a need to remote-view people or events that isn;t toally creepy and a bit seedy! lol!!

But that’s just my opinion on my doing it, and they may just be stuff my mind generates when it has nothing better to do…