Strange entity in lucid dream

I to get perspective on a dream and the entity in it, so in the dream I waa in my room but unable to move and in the middle of the room was a all black figure it was inhumanly slinder and stood about 2 meters tall and had an aura of regality and power, anyone ever encounter any entity similar to that?


Very interesting dream.
I haven’t encountered a spirit like that… Seems as if it might be a demon of some sort.
Just be wary as to who the spirit really is.

I’m cautious at this point but I didn’t feel any malicious intint from it and if it does turn out to be problematic it won’t be the first time I’ve had to use a banishing but as of now to get an idea of what or who it could be

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Totally understand.
Just meditate on it and see what you can figure out… If anyone has any idea of who it might be then they well send a message in this topic. But i personally haven’t encountered a spirit like that.

Only thing ive seen like that was a “shadow person” but they gave off an obvious negative vibe

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I’t energy felt like it comanded respect but nothing violent

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i think you had an OBE and the entity was a parasite

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Hi there! I’m a little late on the discussion however I have seen the same kind of thing but instead while awake. Often when I’m a little tired or I’ve been stressed I see “shadow people” as another has mentioned however I haven’t had any negative vibes previously. The experience is slightly over whelming as I have come in close proximity and the figure towers above me. Unfortunately I don’t know an awful lot about them other than what you can find on the Internet and I’m desperate for more information like yourself :slight_smile: