Strange Dreams

So after again working with Belial and Hecate, I keep on having some strange, maybe symbolic dreams. The working with Hecate at night, I was sleeping on the ground behind some crates, all of a sudden citrus fruits, I believe lemons and grapefruits started raining down on me, after it stopped an old hag, probably Hecate in that form, came and help me stand up and took me away. The Belial dream is is even stranger, lol, I was in a hotel room with 2 women, don’t ask, and a cow opens the door and says all unnatural things will be destroyed. End of the dreams. Different dreams on different days. Anyone have something similar happen to them? A cow? wth?

The cow/bull is a symbol associated with a number of dieties in the middle east…which includes Belial. The cow bull with belial for sure represents Belial as the breaker of chains where he moves foreward taking down all in its path that is unnatural with his vision…in most cases this would include “religious feces.”

Maybe a bit of a mad one, but is it possible you have a low-level intolerance to citrus fruit?

I discovered from my own experience with gluten that it’s possible to have these things at sub-clinical levels, as in, nothing you’d know to go to a doctor about (or nothing they’d recognise as being associated , anyway) and benefit immensely from cutting the stuff out, and citrus intolerance is reasonably common - less so than gluten and dairy. but still there.

This kind of thing has been dismissed and mocked for years as faddism, but the evidence is beginning to stack up… Research supports theory of nonceliac gluten sensitivity.

You might never eat or drink that kind of stuff, but I had to ask! :slight_smile:

Never thought about it. I don’t eath them much. But when I have nothing, afaik, happened. Whenever I have dreams after working with Hecate it is always in some sorta blueish/green underworld where the light just exists by itself. No origin for it. I looked up the lemon stuff in dreams, some say good luck, both the cow and citrus fruits seem to be in Islam. But I am not a Muslim, I have some Turkish ancestors who were but not me.

Oh, another thing is I keep on drawing Belial’s sigil in dreams lately, but with a little gold spiral or some sorta golden dot at the bottom of the sigil.

Interesting on the gold spiral. I actually had a dream last night about him showing me something as I did my nightly meditation before bed. Then upon awakening a whole slew of information of the golden shining one entered my mind and certain concepts I had been harvesting for years started to make sense, not to mention other memories of others who shared a similar “golden dream.” ill share it later as I dont have time to type I just wanted to make a notation so I do not forget.

A while ago Belial gave me some symbols to act as a gateway, that contained a spirial - here you go.