Strange dream with Lucifer

I was at work last night. Saturday nights no one is around, its kind of our “free night” so to speak. So we’re able to sometimes sneak naps in. I was sitting in my booth, and suddenly got very tired so I decided to try and get a quick nap. I dozed off, and immediately had a dream. In my dream, I was in my booth, but everything was hazy and I couldn’t focus. I felt very out of it. I went to sleep (in my dream) and then “woke up”, again feeling hazy and out of it. It was strange, for some reason I felt very clearly that it would be ok because Lucifer was there. This happened several times, in and out of sleep, and each time I woke I got a similar feeling, with slight alterations to it. “Lucifer is watching, sleep” “everything will be ok because Lucifer is here” “this is Lucifer’s place you are safe” etc etc. When I finally woke up for real only about 5 minutes had gone by, which is weird because the dream cycle felt like it went on for an hour.
Ive never worked or tried to work or even thought of working with Lucifer before, though I have read posts on this forum about it.


Did you know Lucifer simply means morning star? Lucifer is more like a title than a name. Confusion about this arose over a verse in the Bible when a prophet was talking about an earthly king. But most people disregard what the whole chapter is saying, simply taking the reference literally. To this day catholic worship the lucifer in latin hymns. Lucifer became somewhat of a pop icon in the world only recently. The only reason we even have such a widespread occult in the west is because of Blavatsky and Crowley. If it wasn’t for them there would have been no “new age”, no occult in the west.

That doesn’t mean there weren’t certain aspirants of the spiritual who were not Christian. It was just alot more rare to find non Christian spiritualists. Even alot of the magick of older times was based on figures and angels from jewish and judeo-christian lore. It’s a popular claim that lucifer and all the pop gods like azazel and others existed independently and before jewish lore. So then where are the records? We have the dead sea scrolls. So where is the evidence lucifer as a form independent of judeo-Christian lore was worshipped before jew lore?

Me personally I have tried my best to stay away from all the jew lore stuff. Though I have happened upon the testament of solomon and other things like the keys but I have not consciously gotten into all that. Jew lore and muslim lore make demons and spiritual forces seem vastly more powerful than the human will. These days people claim demons can easily have anything done to any human. No one is safe from a five minute spell you can learn from Google or a forum…

I believe the human form is the most advanced form in the whole cosmos. I also believe myself to practice one of the truest forms of Luciferian philosophy. Alot of people claim Luciferianism is about rebelion and becoming your own god. That is but a counter culture started by people who hated their religion. I believe the true heart of Luciferianism is rooted in the discovery of the cosmos.

Keep in mind the book of Enoch was pop fluff back in it’s time. It’s just hype too. Alot of occult “knowledge” is pure fluff or overly complex rituals. I started my own magickal system about eight years ago after I had grown up with a variety of steange phenomina. I also did alot of reading before founding my own magick. I read up on so many different topics from rune magick to brainwave states. But I found little value of an express type which I required.

I prefer self experience or accounts of self experience. Your story is interesting to read. Just remember part of us personafies things we encounter. Humans are very romantic too which can lead to delusion. I’ve experienced a seriously wide variety of phenomina over the course of my life. But for me I don’t just accept experiences I have, I analyze and catalogue them. I reserve forming sustained conclusions about my experiences until I can experience a broader perspective. That’s the whole key to my magick, experiencing broader perspective.

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You said before in the past that the human form merges the realms and that we don’t live in a multiverse.

I find it hard to believe that we don’t live in a multiverse, but what did you mean by “merge” the realms?

Also, I think you’re on to something when it comes to the power of the human will. Will is supposed to be immaterial, and Will itself moves the cosmos.

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To be honest, I would sort of like to learn more about your magick system.

I was told from an earlier reading that I was to create a “magick pyramid” using words.


I’m familiar with occult history/anthropology, as I studied that (and still do) before I started “getting into” magic. Especially the history of Christian/abrahamic religions; I was raised Christian, so that was largely the start of my road to awakening.
I’m also aware of the possibility of our minds “personifying” what we perceive of the supernatural, as that is a common subject of theory and debate between a close friend and I. I believe that phenomena to be mostly relegated to the dreamscape.
As far as there being no record of Lucifer before x time period, I dont think that “Ancient or nothing” is a rule. A general guideline, sure, but you can’t completely discount any “newer” being just because it hasnt been recorded yet. We can’t expect humanity to have discovered and catalogued every entity in the universe. There are a large number of accounts (albeit anecdotal) of people encountering Lucifer, too many to just ignore.
I’m also a big believer in archetypes, in the sense that several gods/beings are actually based on the same being, and Lucifer could easily be part of that group.
Of course there’s the possibility that each and every one of the entities that people record working with are separate beings entirely, and simply refer to themselves as "light bringer"s.
Lastly, all of this could be well and true and I could still have just had a dream that is completely mundane and irrelevant to any sort of spiritual shenanigans.

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Wow it seems you are really invested in these thought streams. I have been too with a leaning on societal analysis and the end times. My variety of Christian philosophy had me question notion about human nature. There’s alot in the new testament about transformation and changing of our natures through Christ work in us. This whole concept of inner cosmic self working fascinated me throughout my youth. You seem very well written.

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We should create a new thread. Pm me. I like where yer going.

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Pm me let me answer your question elsewhere that we not cloud this fellow’s thread up. I’ll be happy to chat.

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I have heard a similar experience, but in my case i was told, "u are protected"I was concerned about someone doing stuff against me and was told not to worry about it because of that.

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