Strange dream with Balaam's name mentioned

I had a dream last night, it was one of my sort of recurring dreams, where I am living in the city again. I had some guides with me in my front room, I don’t know if they were physical or spirit guides as I have had spirit communication in dreams and the spirits are always as solid as living people.
Anyhoo, I was learning how to use energy and affect electronic devices, plus I was also learning how to zap people with the energy.
Of note, there was an African man in my dream. I’m unsure who the beings were (I don’t recall seeing them before and no names were mentioned) but they were all helping me. I also don’t know who the African man is but suspect it could be Ose, he came to me early on when I was learning/reading about demons.
It was mentioned among the guides that Balaam was a worthwhile being to get to know and that he made you “appear red” (that is, your aura).
I’d like to know why Balaam would be popping up for me as I haven’t really been doing anything with my spiritual path recently, due to extreme family stresses and I was sort of surprised to have his name mentioned.