Strange dream a few weeks ago

So about a month I had a strange dream . I was was driving a car with a clasmate and we arrived at a party there i met with multiple friends and people then out of nowhere queen Elisebeth
came with some guards some of them were kinda reptilian looking . Me and me friends hid and watched her than i got a message on facebook that she is a reptilian and i shouldn’t search her anymore or something like that and got a photo with her with sharp teeth. yuck!
Well what can i say i already knew she was one. And also i had multiple dreams were i was runing away from ufos and fighting them and ending up escaping!
Soooo what do you think?

Obviously, queen Elizabeth is a reptilian.

So execute her.

Well, Queen Elizabeth is an authority figure that some look up to. I would take her turning into a scary beast as you being afraid of power figures, fear of the unknown, or fear of deception. The message probably correlates to you feeling secure in someone who gives you warnings on things, or a want for someone who will warn you of danger.

Running in general is a symbol for anxiety, whether you’re running away from something, or using running to cope. It’s important to think of how you were feeling when you were running and what from. If it’s from a UFO I would once again take that as a fear of the unknown. I would take the escaping symbolism as you feeling a sense of relief for some situation you overcame in your daily life.