Strange but specific dream

Hi guys, so ive been practicing meditations, spirit works, and spells for a few weeks now, and a couple of weeks ago i had a vivid dream saying the spell worked and the specific number 5577 was in my dream. Does this mean anything or just random subconsiousness

Could be either .

I dont know. Hope its a good sign tho

Ask a spirit you work with .

Ive been trying to communicate with spirits for a while, i been trying to find someone who can help me communicate

Ok, well ive been asking spirits for help with my relationship and a third party involved, actually seen movement as far as my requests were and gave offerings as i promised them. Do you have any insight as to how the spirits are feeling about me and my requests. Ive asked help from well the dukes and kings. But havnt gotten any communication, or havnt picked up on the comm. But i have seen movement and just wondering as to this third party situation.

@Lady_Eva would it be ok to ask someone for a reading

As you can see, we have to walk a fine line between people being able to freely help each other and keeping people who just want to hustle, off the forum, and that includes people who post they’re a beginner one week then next week have become “Papa Know-It-All, maestro of (insert whatever lineage is currently hardest for outsiders to verify)”.

It may seem silly to place any obstacles to free readings, but we only bring in rules after a problem has occurred often enough to need a line be drawn in the sand, and that loophole weas being exploited pretty badly until we stopped it! :smiley:

Apart from anything else, people can be very desperate and place a lot of faith in someone who’s only agenda is :moneybag: and whose real ability is poor.

If you post, please do so in Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0 (No Tarot Please) (Part 1)

Or check some of the tutorials here:

I don’t personally get any impression from the OP you made, but try reading up on angel numbers, that might have something useful, those are often repeating numbers (NOT my area of expertise though, soz).

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