Strange 'Aztec' face/mask apparition?


Strange thing. I woke up one night several weeks ago to find a disembodied face floating in the air over my bed. It’s appearance was something between a highly-stylised Aztec carving and a very angular, chiseled Indian face, seeming to appear out of the air between the air, so to say, except it was of course colourless given the lighting. My reaction was “Oh, it’s THAT.” and I went back to sleep. I say that because both my sister and my mother had seen the same apparition some twelve years ago or so. I honestly don’t know what this thing is supposed to be or why it has appeared to us. I’m a European living in Europe and my family has no Amerindian ancestry. Does anyone have an idea? Is this something that has an explanation in shamanism perhaps?


Sounds interesting, something from a past life perhaps? Or maybe you have a strong lineage from before the flood.
Have you ever tried to consciously evoke it?

I love things like this, experiences like this add a lot of the flavour I enjoy in the magical lifestyle


i have also seen an aztec face looking image similar to the profile of a carving with a headdress. i was scrying once and it appeared to me. i dont know what it means though.


Sounds like race memory activation.
Your Gods are coming back.