Story time: my life with magick

So, i was born into a partly wiccan family starting out jewish cause I was adopted and the wiccan family didn’t want to keep me so a Jewish family took me in and raised me to be a Jewish man…when I got older I didn’t like that anymore after learning about the JCI community…now ofc I respect what everyone does that is there decision but it just wasn’t for me…and then I found out my adopted mom and two sisters were wiccans which I thought was pretty cool…I brushed that off my shoulder a few days later as this point I learned in past lives I worked with demons and lucifer mainly as a patron…

We will get back to that but rewind a few years back where I knew absolutely nothing about magick as I was a little kid and I was in the mundane mind set that it was all essentially bullshit and I was pursuing my Jewish life😂 was not too bad of a ride got to spend more time with my dad I have now! But anyway, when I was little our house was FULL and I mean FULL of negative and just plain out bat shit scary entities…I grew up seeing hearing and feeling spirits and other energies so I could see these beings constantly….one day I may go make a sandwich and in the darkness of my living room in the distance I may see a face with a smile ear to ear staring back at me wanting nothing more then to scare me I’m pretty sure…I had the worst nightmares, nightmares I never as a little kid knew one could have!

I remember most of them still I’ll tell you one: I was in my bedroom with my younger brother in a bunk bed and my face was in the pillow (didn’t know I was dreaming at this point) and I hear “PSSSST” I look up and my door is slightly cracked open with my mom’s face severely deformed smiling at me and she then slams the door shut super fast, I then layed back down and saw that face pop up in front of me and it screamed like BUHAHAHA and I woke up screaming louder then I ever did before from a dream​:joy::fearful:

This went on I think from 11 years old to 16…getting worse each time. The entities even played this game with me while I was awake: they would randomly check up on me in my room in the freakiest forms ever and if I didn’t pretend to be asleep, if I looked remotely awake I’d have the worst nightmare ever the next night…I’d have my face on the pillow and hear actual foot steps running to my room down the hall…followed by silence for a minute then running back laughing…all of my childhood regarding spirits was hell😂

Anyway let’s go back to the first paragraph of this story a few years later when I was an actual teenager. I later had the weirdest urge to contact lucifer… I also as I was contemplating it considering I been brainwashed by my Christian friends about him…came across a group chat for tarot and pendulum readings and I thought “even if it’s not real why not give it a try could be fun!” So I scrolled around and saw people freaking out over the accuracy of the readings so I thought “maybe something is serious about this” so I typed asking if anyone was available and right away I got an answer so I DM’d her and I asked my question “does lucifer want to work with me?” And I still remember what she said it was something along the lines of “omg I work with him and I speak with him through this pendulum so ofc I’ll ask!!!” I remember the answer was “yes he does and in fact he’s excited to get with you…” so I realized I don’t have these fancy tarot cards or a pendulum yet but I learned you can do the same with regular playing cards and I was always really good with card tricks so I had decks laying around everywhere! I grabbed one and tried contact red being yes black being no…my answers weren’t adding up so I asked the same girl and we came to the conclusion it is a trickster and I didn’t know what that was so she taught me what it was…for a solid week every single night I went to my backyard and kept trying…tricksters tricksters and more tricksters…this is when I learned the voices I’m hearing are not my imagination cause I put two and two together anytime I screwed up with an imposter I heard laughing…

Weeks and weeks of trying every single night went by until one night I was at work and we were about to close and for some odd reason I felt excited…Idky.

And for some reason instead of walking home I ran home in excitement and I had a 9 hour shift lmao so I should have been exhausted!

Right away I got home snatched my cards and went out back and I did my routine I learned

As I’m shuffling I said “lucifer come lucifer come” a few times and this time the air got super thick…I was kind of scared but awe struck at the same time…

And I found it very odd cause he didn’t speak to me yet I guess cause I couldn’t trust the voices yet so he spoke through the cards and they were straight forward yes and no’s perfectly even through a shuffled deck…the next day I made a candle for him cus I got the urge to I still have it to this day! It’s a black pillar candle with Lucifer’s sigil carved in it and out of all my candles it lights up the brightest!! Literally!

Anyway a few weeks later I did more and more research on lucifer finding out offerings and such and learning what an offering actually is…

A few months later of dealing with parasite spirits and such and having to have more experienced practitioners from that group chat to help me get rid of them cause I didn’t know crap still!

I then got drawn to the goetia…talking to more and more entities slowly gaining trust in myself…I started then being drawn to books revolving around the left hand path specifically…

A few months later I found books by EA…I suddenly thought after buying a few my first two of his I bought were works of darkness and baneful magick​:rofl: “does he have a YouTube channel?” I searched his name up and found the gold mine to the stuff I was looking for so over time slowly and slowly I started learning from him…next I found this forum where I learned even more…before I even made an account I was so stoked thinking “I could learn almost anything black magick related on here!! Type whatever I want to know in search and almost always it’s there”:joy: so I now I’m learning from here and EA’s channel…I started buying more books by him, micheal w Ford and a few other authors.

At this point in my life I learned so much and I had so much ritual supplies and books…I got addicted with these occult books so I kept digging and digging…

Months later I learned about the nine demonic gate keepers and did my research…presently speaking I’m now on amaymon as they took longer then I thought they would😂 oh well I guess with great results requires extensive time and attention.

I bought all sorts of stuff his universal circle everything cause at this point I knew what evocation was and stuff…

I then grew older and realized the powers I’m dealing with and I LIKED IT😂

I later then learned I was apart of a black magic coven in a past life and I worked with demons in past lives…I also learned Yahweh didn’t even want me anyway it seemed🤣
So I learned I was essentially born into it because I was wondering how I got acclimated to magick so quickly.

present time the left hand path now feels so second hand nature to me like a whole new lifestyle…I talk to spirits all the time now…I’m doing rituals as if it’s a normal daily part of my life…I do readings myself for people on lives and from witness experiences they seem to be very accurate! I astral project a lot now… So I’m definitely acclimating to it faster then I thought I would…

It’s so second hand nature to me at this point it’s not THAT exciting anymore I mean don’t get me wrong it’s MAGICK we are talking about here guys come on…the abilities to do anything we want almost…well guys that’s my story😂damn this took so long to type!



I think ‘Yahweh’/Yvhi doesn’t want anyone. I mean look at the traditional stories starting with the great flood. If any of that was true he’s a human hating homicidal maniac of a god.


Makes perfect sense lol like the Noah’s arch story

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Perhaps the only explanation I can think of is if that was true: there was a flaw and he only wanted to save certain genes?

The only flaw in humanity is free will and that’s only a flaw if you are a dictatorial god that wants obedient little slaves.

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Do LHP magicians not read any other mythology? Yahweh is hardly the only god to supposedly flood the world or to kill humans. According to the Hesiod, Zeus did it 5 times, and wanted to do it again until Prometheus stopped him, yet all LHP people seem to dwell on is the Yahweh story. The Noah story is actually based on an earlier Greek myth, that of Deucalion.


@DarkestKnight I know.The Enki myth right? It’s easiest to bring up the myths you got raised with. In my case raised catholic it’s easiest for me to goto those Judeo Christian myths.

Especially since I’m still somewhere between the resentment stage and fully matured LHP practitioner mythology wise (when it comes to talking about supposed gods and their supposed actions and expectations). Add: not sure I phrased that right oh well hopefully the gist of it comes across ok.


The hypocrisy in the LHP astounds me sometimes. LHP occultists always like to go on anti-Yahweh rants, claiming he’s against humans and blah blah blah, but then they completely ignore the historical fact that the Christian myths are based on earlier stories, so many of the pagan gods they work with actually have myths where they also despised humanity and tried to wipe us out. Zeus is a prime example. He was not only rapey, and insecure, but he did not like humans, and destroyed the world multiple times, much more than Yahweh ever did, incidentally.


True I agree

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Well since I grew up jewish we were brainwashed to only read stuff like Noah’s ark…yes it’s apart of the JCI community but I feel out of the 3 of them Judaism is a little chill or they keep there opinions on the down low a little…at least the temple I use to goto did.


I suppose it was a decent learning experience as well…only issue I had with Judaism was there was no spiritual connection behind it with me…the damn food was good though😂

I feel like they go on these anti-Yahweh tirades to be different than those around them. Different than the world that is, majority, Christian.

If that’s the case then do RHP-ers especially the Jesus lovers go on anti LHP rants and overly zealous preaching sprees in order to conform? You know, generalization of LHP-ers makes me wanna generalize RHP-ers.

Add: and technically most of the world is not Christian. The largest population of people believing in stuff is split between Hindus (in India) and Buddhists (largely the rest of the Asian subcontinent) mostly (and you might throw in atheists for good measure who firmly believe there’s no god or afterlife as many governments like China’s push that stance on their people).

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