Story time but kinda tmi (viewer discretion)

Okay so since I am no longer with my last man for the mean time, I decided to download tinder. I met this cool guy really cute face, kinda short but very sweet, this guy is also a Gemini like my last one. Okay so we’ll call him Jason. So Jason and I were chatting quite a bit and he started telling me how he’s very much into. Like being dominated because he’s very submissive in bed, that convo turned into me finding out a lot about what this guy likes. He told me that he would like if I made fun of his dick telling him how small it is ect. Basically just humiliate him and make him feel like shit. First off he sent me a pic of how “small” it was and I was like damn that is a small dick. Then he was like “ what’s the biggest you’ve had before?” So I sent him a picture of my last man. He told me he would like if I told him how much I wish it was him and basically say that I wish it was my exes cock instead of his. I was wondering if I could work with this as a way to get my intent out? That’s the first thing that popped into my head when he told me that .

Also turns out jasons dick isn’t really small . It was actually quite large . He sent me a fully hard pic of it and I was shook .-.

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