Stopping wagging tongues .. permanently

So here is the issue …
After becoming a joke of the town and … well now, worldwide…
I am going to see that I put a permanent end to it. After you’re destroyed by such a thing, nothing can repair it. I used to think people were kind, and tried to be patient, kind and took abuse, for a very long time. I take personal responsibility for my actions, but the after effects are unstoppable.

So …
A pork loin, nails, aluminum foil, variaities of poison, a freezer, and a symbol of the group responsible. What can I do with these?

I want to do this tonight, and am uninitiated.

Beef tongue is traditional but should work regardless.

You know the ingriedients but not how to do it? Ok

First you don’t need initiation for this it’s hoodoo not voodoo.

Take the tongue and slice it open, take the symbol of the group and write “shut your mouth” on it. Take allum, hot peppers and some vinegar if you have it and make a paste, smear it on the symbol while you think of all the pain these assholes caused, you need to get furious while doing this. Fold the packet up away from you at every fold and stick it in the tongue, pin it shut with the pins (traditionally 9) set it on the foil with the shiny side in and roll it up away from you while focusing on the phrase “may all your evil and gossip be returned to you” pray psalm 35 over it feel your righteous vindication at the people who wronged you and place it in the freezer. Put it in the back of the freezer where it can’t be seen and you’ll forget about it.

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