Stop obsessive/needy/possessive behaviour and thoughts towards a person

Following some signs of beginning success with a view to having a long-term relationship with a particular person, I feel that the best way to increase success with this now is to rid myself of obsessive, all-consuming, possessive thoughts towards this person and I would like advice on spells, rituals, evocation of particular spirits to help with this.

For background, I evoked Sallos for assistance with my particular wishes towards this person. I then performed C Kendall’s Powerful Love Ritual a couple of weeks later for which I am very grateful! Due to various circumstances, this will be an almighty challenge but I have beaten unbelievable odds already. Good progress started over last few days but this man is likely a long way off obsessive love. Like I say, I need to stop desperate and possession energy towards him to accelerate him coming to me but at the sane time I do not want to reverse the rituals already performed. Any advice/suggestions?

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One can also be and have such thoughts towards spirits, objects, and other things. I see it as pretty human but yeah it can get unhealthy. I still personally am working on lust towards the spiritual. I’ll probably let that go though eventually. I can’t lust forever to an amplified degree and it might just get silly. I don’t lust for people though. I fell pretty meh about people since my biggest terrestrial goal is having my own bachelor pad where I rule and can do as I please without interference from another human in my domain. I’ve lived this long without marriage and such and I think I can live that way until dead. Having one’s heart broken when young and years throughout by different people helped that. Some might say its giving up but after looking at other relationships and breakups, and the money, nastiness, toxicity, etc… I just see people in that regard as total gunk in the works for any progress. Perhaps someday I’ll see sprits that way when successful and won’t bother on calling them for anything. If you can manifest anything yourself and be your own god and away from all the rabble then at that point they don’t need to be to be bothering other beings for much of anything. Maybe pushing others away is a sign of illness… I don’t know.

That’s awesome! Stay in the high vibrational state focusing on yourself rather than the other person. Knock the person off that pedestal and put yourself there!!!
No need to reverse anything just focus on your current goals!


Get a life. Shouldn’t be the only person you’re talking to. Make friends, develop your career, travel. Do things that make you happy and your obsession will go away. Talk to other people you find attractive.

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Raziel evocation can help with this. His energy alone can elevate your spirit out of neediness. If you’re demonic, then Belial is a force

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Belial for any situation that you feel powerless with. Angel Opfaal - helped me to get rid of my own obsessions and someone else on this forum was very happy with the results after I adviced him to contact him for a similar situation.
Other than that - is this your true wish or you are shaping yourself according to the other person? If you feel needy and possessive why don’t you shape your partner to provide your needs, instead of suppressing yours… just an idea

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Maybe the person you are thinking of is carrying negative energy which affects you in a way
Sometimes being obsessive about someone and think about them 24/7 attracts their negative energy towards you its better if you focus on your life and be like whatever


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