Stop loving someone?

Hi guys!
I know this question must be very popular among hopeless lovers and heart broken lovers, but i am quite unlucky in love matters, no matter how hard my partners try to insult me or hurt me, i somehow forgive them, there is an obsession for being in a relationship. I seriously want to put my self respect over relationship, but i failed so many times no matter what, is there any demon, who can help me ? So that i can stop loving someone…permanently and move on with my life.


Your problem isn’t who you love, but that you don’t love yourself enough. Working with literally any goddess will teach you a thing or two about your worth, self respect and divine feminine power.


Thanks i guess i should continue working with lady lilith.

I believe you should simply build good habits instead of looking for a spirit to do it

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Well , i don’t smoke or drink, i have normal habits…i have literally tried everything, but nothing working, it feels like i will lose my mind or my life. If i keep going like this.


The best advice I can give is just continue living your life and do what you enjoy but also go out and explore and take some risks , it won’t be as easy but eventually the pain will slowly fade.

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Worship your Isht Devta and take guidance from him.

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I don’t know how I missed this thread previously…

I used magick to break my evil ex’s hold on me. That included breaking my feelings for him.

Short version: I gathered every item from our relationship. Everything that couldn’t be burned was sold or given away.

I tore up photos, love notes, etc. and burned them all to ash, channeling all my hurt and pain into it. I also drank a lot of water while I was doing this.

I had to use the ladies’ room a few times that night. Each time, I poured a few tablespoons of ash into the toilet bowl first. :smiling_imp:

I also confided in a friend going through her own breakup. We went out for drinks one night and the next morning, I woke up feeling healed. My feelings for him were GONE.

A year later, I found some jewelry he’d given me that had missed my earlier purge. Instead of having painful memories flood back, my reaction was “ew, I can’t believe I let him date me”. I took it down to the municipal pier and dropped it in the ocean, like the necklace at the end of Titanic.