Stone and bored tonight ! wanana talk ? here my place hehe

soooo Hey :smiley: yeaah I’m bored and stone and the night is long when you live during it x) soo some people wanna talk ? this discution will probably die xD because I’m bad with that ahah
we can taaaalk Magick, ooor marijuana, or food or what you want x)
want a tarot reading ? I’m still a beginner but I have practice a lot of reading by distance x)
Have you some idea of what I can draw ? I like to draw but don’t have anymore inspiration x)
You need a seamstresss ? even leather ? I’m your giiirl !
Let’s talk !

Sorry if my english make you cry xD


Cool :smile:

Let’s try something…

Relax and close your eyes… stare at the darkness until an image start to show up. Draw that.
When you’re done… do it again.

You’ll probably have several images you made. Try to see the connection between them. What could they possibly mean to you? Maybe there is a message there for you… maybe more

Give it a try if you wish :slightly_smiling_face:

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ooooh to test :slight_smile: I give it a try right now ! after my puff

wanna see the result in the end ?

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Great ! Yeah sure absolutely :blush: Thanks

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Yeah, I’m sitting here puffing on my Gandalf pipe myself, lol. This weekend is blue dream, one of the better batches of that strain I have had.

I’m thinking of making a wall sigil for my living room once the family goes to sleep. I’m in a toss up between: a sigil to command focus in the room (it is where I work), a sigil to promote a calm environment, or a servitor sigil to ward the room.

@Selkie, @PrinceX, any suggestions?


Welcome :smile:

I would suggest a servitor sigil, I had great success with them !

But since you’re here… I was looking for resources to learn about “structuring” in magick. I’m not into working with spirits, I work directly on the desired result itself. And found this concept but almost all posts about it here are unclear. They go around explaining many different things and no one gave a straight answer.

So when you’re done with your sigil maybe you could help :v:


Strains I reccomend

Lemon Face
Dream Berry Haze
Cindy White 99


Gandalf pipe ? lucky!
For me it’s just Lemon Haze tonight :slight_smile: not bad but not my favorite.

Personnally I will take something to command focus in the room, I think it’s really convenient when you work at home ^^ But I don’t know much about that ahah

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oooh I note !
You know something to feel awake and motivate ? I have found one in the past, but i forgot the name ahah

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To feel awake or be awake?

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To be if possible ahah

Uh, well.
Coffee is always a option, hm… start a fun project ?

Oh okay I see
Yeah I can :slight_smile:

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I’ll take you up on that card reading, If I still can :slightly_smiling_face:

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lol, I wound up drinking with my mate, so no sigil for me right now.

Do you mean like structuring a chaos magick ritual? Can you put it into context?

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:grin: Sigils can wait then

It’s like structuring a visualized object… it’s mentioned in evocation. You visualize-structure the entity in your mind’s eye first, then with your eyes open you “see it” like a hologram, usually in smoke or fire.

I don’t use evocation this way, not the advanced rituals yet. I simply use sigils. So I was interested in learning how this structuring concept can be used in manifesting a desired goal directly.

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i’d like a stone tarot reading hahaha


Let’s do it then :slight_smile: mp me your question ! It will be a three cards reading, or one card, like you want.
@elainebeldoc too


Okay, gotcha. Actually, this is something I was able to do since I was a kid, but I never knew it amounted to anything until I started reading Spare.

So if you are using this in a chaos magick context, with sigils, you are going to want to work the structuring in while in the most intense part of your charging, touching briefly upon the tangible ‘sight’ of your goal, then putting the lion’s shareof effort into seeing what comes after the goal is attained.

When I am charging, I use a mirror stand to hold my sigil. At the point when it starts looking 3D, like a crystal ball on a stand, is when I start visualizing. I have only ever used open eyed visualization for chaos magick, and I have never had a reason not to; it works. I usually see my visualization in this ball, like the cliche medium in a cheesy movie, lol. While I am doing what you are calling structuring, I am simultaneously seeing energy pouring out of me and into the ‘ball’.

I have found it effective to perceive the visualization as a memory, so I am looking at something that has already happened, as opposed to something yet to be drawn to me. Happy, grateful memories work best :wink:

When the movie is over I let that sucker loose.

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Green Crack strain is good for this.

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