Stimulants and magick

As a stim and pre workout addict I find it hard to relax and get in the proper state with a lot of caffeine in me when doing magick.

Interesting point, and i can only really answer this anecdotally. I have encountered the shadow people. I was entirely convinced they were real when i was in that state of mind. May the drugs have been a real portal to access the beings on that plane? It is a very real possibility, one that i hung onto for years.

But after working with spirits voluntarily, I sense a totally different vibe now than i did during my methed up psychosis. And i do believe it was psychosis. I’m not one to refute spiritual experiences but IMO those just weren’t spiritual experiences. They were twacked out delusions i was trying to rationalize as real and paranormal. A look at my google search history from that time period would show you searches that allude to me trying to find some semblance of proof that meth helped people access higher states.

With most drugs man… I can see their uses. But not meth. Really. I can never see it being useful in a spiritual way. It is a substance that destroys. It ruins. It deteriorates and decays. Maybe there are some who can take a hit once a month and go on with their lives but most are NOT like that.

So it’s impossible for me to justify it. But i admit, I’m far from being the arbiter of whether it can assist in accessing certain states like tantric energy as @TheSaga suggests. Althiugh i would sure as fuck hope one would find a different way to access that energy than by using hard drugs that is known to have directly caused an epidemic to an entire nation lololol.

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So @Nameless sort of gets it, although I am not using right now at all and rarely have used meth, my stimulant of choice was always what I was prescribed.

for me and the spirits I have been encountering they keep coming back every new moon and about a day after a full moon. I have pentagram rituals to get rid of them that take 2-6 hours or so totally 12 hours or so a month but I would just sort of like those to be gone. Maybe the stimulants had something to do with it but probably just indirectly.

As far as it being a psychosis well maybe, although interesting I recently seen A E Koetting talk about when he asked Azazal if he was real or not and Azazal said no. That demons are essentially entities that come out of the abyss and are only made real when someone considers them and thus they are liminal in existence.

I had found recently to say “Only that…” and follow that with what you want to focus your mind on and bring into your life get’s rid of them. If you say these evil demons aren’t real (assuming they are bad ones that are bothering you) than you are acknowledging their existence in order to deny them, but to say “Only that…” brings what you want and sends the entity you don’t want back into the abyss. I suppose I am speaking for my own experience rather than someone else’s psychosis whom I can’t speak for.

I think the idea with substances is to get your self on spiritual state and yes @void weed can do that. I almost reccomended to someone to use weed and Jonathan Goldman music to open your third eye on here, but I just said Jonathan Goldman music while meditating. If you do it on weed it can work better but the effects begin ton wan in not the greatest of ways anyways. The usefulness of weed is often understated, it has much the same effects as lsd or mushrooms, but people this into drug spirituality tend to not get very high off of pot any more. I actually don’t do drugs right now.

If I was it would be coffee and my prescribed stimulants but to use as an energy of manifesting people or things like money rather than spirits or as @Username666 suggests in a proper state

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Oh right that was you about the 3rd eye. Mixing pot with Jonathan Goldman can supercharge it, but it wears off and it is probably better practice to meditate to that without the pot :wink:

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Uppers will only be useful for will directory output (superior focus) and knowledge retaining. Other than that, drugs have the tendency to burn out natural signals in the brain which assist the psychic receptors—also, coming down from speed whilst still dabbling with said art form sounds almost squeamish. I’ve done a lot, these days, no. The only mystical experiences I’ve had on drugs was the result of an ego death on shrooms.

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I’d agree if you were working any or perhaps all deities. lol

For decades, nicotine and caffeine have been my abiding sacraments. These drugs are insatiably necessary for me. Without them there would be no point in living. Obviously I use these Magickally as well. (For some time I have felt that those who aren’t nicotine addicts don’t deserve to live.) I also enjoy quality, seedless, flowered and sacred herb. These days my alcohol use is minimal. In my experience, alcohol and Magick don’t mix well.


P.s. …and you can prize the snuffbox from my cold, dead hand…