Stimulants and magick

I saw …

And I wanted to copy the idea. I think I may have touched on this briefly but never got as deep as I would like and it is a pretty big topic in my saga that brought me here.

I saw a youtube video about tantra, it was like an infomercial ad, the woman said that she had always thought you had to work, work, work, for money but it turns out the real secret was not having an orgasm, also to meet the right guy.

I was doing this and I was using a lot of stimulants at the time. I was on a date with this guy I was making such a big deal and working myself up so much over and it ended just like that and I was so disappointed because that was the highlight of my summer as far as dating goes.

I was thinking about this other relationship that was so nice because we started after building it on over 10 years of knowing eachother, I wanted to have someone like that but I had run out of people I knew for such a long time.

I ran through names of guys hoping to remember someone I had forgotten about somehow, by the end I came up with a name, tears in my eyes I said I didn’t know anyone by that name.

A week later I met him, said he thought he knew me from the high school I kept trying to remember if I knew any guys that I didn’t remember from there, but later it turned out he didn’t go their the year I did, and I saw a year book from that year, he might not even have gone there at all… unless he was this one person and was already married a few years back. And at several points he hinted that we might be soul mates.

It was very strange, this will be the most I have said about the Saga I am pretty sure.
Anyways we met on speed dating, and he seem to know I was on speed, he even referenced stimulants once before accusing me of being on them, and seem to always allude to how annoyed he was I was on stimulants.

I did end up quieting for him. But we had a falling out.

I ended up not organisming or sleeping for nearly a month (Long story-won’t say today) I ended up writing him a really messed up letter, after I started getting really psychic.

Then I am 99% sure that after I got a message saying he was with someone else he hit me with demons that attached them selves to me and freak me the fuck out. I remembered past lives with him after that.

I think he did it cause either a misunderstanding. There was a part of the letter that sort of sounded like I was going to do that to him. omg

or it was revenge for what happened in our last past life.

Or he was married to this woman and was tired of me summoning for him on speed,

or some combination of the above.

So that is sort of my story with stimulants and magick/spirituality.
Major crazy kundalini and yada yada.

I also heard that people who do magick on stimulants get really fucked up and demonic…?

Well I did end up covered in demons, with feelings of shame and sexual violation all over my body and like deep shame like I was the one violating myself… oh what a night. lol

Then I ended up on this forum some time after. lol

So that too.

What are your thoughts on my story? Magick and stimulants?
Your experiences or thoughts on the matter?

I’m also curious if he had any other reason for obsessing about the stimulants.
I saw in my crystal ball before he started mentioning it that he was an ex crystal meth user and was sensitive about the subject, but I sort of been wondering if there was alternative magick reasons why he might have gave a shit about the stimulants? To increase my psychic powers? For concern about demons? Or what?

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I get way too powerful on speed. Way. Too. Powerful. That’s all I’ma say.

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That is interesting. I want you to say more. lol

I will, in time, my friend.

Send me a picture and I will boost you within the matrix of which I mean.

I didn’t read all that. Were you on stimulants when you wrote it?

Anything you get from drugs isn’t the real thing. I can tell you this because I used to use drugs both recreationally and to self-medicate a sleep disorder. I’ve used ketamine, ecstasy, mushrooms, LSD, Foxy, cocaine, meth, DXM, marijuana, and I’ve also been prescribed amphetamines, benzos, and I’ve taken some opioid pain pills.

The first mystical experience I ever had, which was without drugs and 6 months to a year after I’d done any, was so much better than anything drug-induced that I never again used drugs recreationally. (I had to take amphetamines and benzos for a legitimate medical reason, but that wasn’t until after this experience.)

When I say better, I mean more powerful, completely pure and clean, and with deep, organized meaning. Life-changing. Inspiring. Divine. No comedown. Perfectly smooth and balanced. And it was free, legal, and delivered right to my brain, no drug dealers to deal with. The drug experiences were not spiritual at all compared to this.

After that, instead of chasing drugs, I spent 10 years chasing that mystical state. I know of no better way to demonstrate to you just how good the real thing is. It was worth chasing for 10 YEARS. Finally I got it back, and even better than the first time. I now live in that state permanently. My mistake those 10 years was letting myself be medicated. I had to get off of everything. And cigarettes. And alcohol. And caffeine. Then meat. Artificial sweeteners. Fluoride. Inflammatory food.

The drug state is a trick. It puts you into the chemical world, not the spirit world. There is a difference, and anybody who says otherwise is delusional. If somebody has to use substances to feel spiritual or “do magick,” it means they’re not the real thing.

And it’s delusional people who use drugs and then (mistakenly) think they’re so spiritually powerful who are the reason people like me, who ARE actually spiritually powerful (naturally, 24/7) end up getting passed over when it comes to some well-deserved respect. This feeds right into why I’m not yet earning a living.

I’ve been honing my focused concentration of mnemonic instantiation for a long time, and when I do stimulants, my point of focus is enhanced to an INSANE degree where-whence I was able to install programs into my personality operating system, and now my muscle memory that has retained all that phenomenal revelation of concentration, is able to operate on a new level because of the speed sessions I performed in the past.

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Shamans from cultures across the world would disagree with you. Entheogens are very effective at bringing people into the desired spiritual and magickal states, when used in the right set and setting. Now, they shouldn’t be relied upon as a crutch, nor do you need them to perform magick, but they do have their place in the magician’s arsenal, IMO. Keeping this in mind, I do not consider amphetamines or speed to be an entheogen.

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No I was not on stimulants at the time, or maybe I drank some tea with next to no amounts.
I maybe a weirdo for quitting this drug for this guy who maybe trying to kill me with magick but as I said I agreed to quit or at least I will for the time being. All this last while I have been doing the more serious part of my magick work sober, that is not to say that psychedelics have not given me spiritual experiences but this past while I suppose has given me a much more organized but consistent spiritual … what ever you wanna call it. I do have candle magick that I can do to get me high, I did that a few days ago.

Anyways I sort of want to include @Nyxifer and @Atinama here too.

Anyways I think that psychedelics… same as Entheogens?
But anyways are able to take your mind into a deep spiritual trance state.
Where as with stimulants I think it offers a steroid for tantric kundalini energy.

I think this can be used either as a sort of spiritual currency or a way to sway people to doing what you want and or both. It was able to allow me to seek out this guy who was secretly a powerful magician and get him to meet with me, I am pretty sure, at least.

The term “entheogen” was first defined in the 1978 book The Road to Eleusis by Wasson, Hofmann, and Ruck as follows:

So yes, most psychedelics, as well as some dissociatives and deliriants, can be called entheogens.

I’m sure that stimulants can provoke all kinds of crazy experiences. In particular, amphetamines in combination with the sleep deprivation that usually goes hand-in-hand with their abuse can be used to summon the shadow people as well as achieve what Robert Bruce calls remote-eye projection. Even crack can offer something that feels like spiritual enlightenment, apparently:

The problem, however, is the massive toll that repeated and habitual use of these stimulant drugs incurs on your body, mind, and spirit. They are highly addictive and although it may be possible to use them occasionally for some benefit (amphetamines to increase focus during a long ritual, for example), IMO it’s not worth the myriad of potential downsides.

In general, when I’m deciding whether a substance is worth using, I look at many things, including its history of use. Was it used in a ritual shamanic context, or as part of a culture’s religious ceremony and rituals? Can it be used in a therapeutic context? What is its toxicological profile? Is it addictive? Do frequent users of the substance appear to benefit from its consumption, or do their lives tend to be affected negatively? Each person should decide their own answers to these questions, but in my view stimulants fall far outside the profile of beneficial entheogenic substances like ayahuasca or magic mushrooms.


I think they could have benefit purposes for the reasons I have stated but I have had the 3 week no sleep and no orgasm on them and that made me super psychic, if that didn’t get interrupted with a sever psychic attack I wonder if I would have just quit sleep altogether.
All I would have to do is close my eyes for a few minutes and get a quick download of information.
I was off the drugs by that time. I still couldn’t sleep cause either not having an orgasm kept all the tantra in my body radiating me with wakefulness or the guy that gave me a psychic attack may have likely been additionally doing stuff to keep me up… most likely.

Addiction wise I have been off them now since November, I am starting to crave them and want to do them again but the addiction is in some ways pretty weak, but in some ways pretty strong.

When you are on it, you start wanting more and I got to the point where it was getting bad, I would want too much more. So it is good regardless I haven’t been on them for a while for sure.

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Yeah, I’ve read some interesting reports of amphetamines + sleep deprivation producing weird telepathic experiences as well as manifesting so-called astral wildlife to visible appearance. The trouble (besides the other downsides to stimulants that I listed earlier) is that the phenomena appears to be mostly uncontrollable. Not to mention the unhealthy environment that tends to surround addicts as well as the emotional roller coaster of the drug-induced highs and lows is a fertile breeding ground for astral parasites and negative entity attachments, so any spirit contact made under these conditions is unlikely to be positive.

Good to hear you have been clean for the past few months, though. Keep it up! I’d highly recommend taking up energy work and/or meditation in order to recreate these experiences while sober. It’ll not only be healthier, but more controllable and ultimately much more rewarding. :sunny:


Wow that sounds interesting. Where did you hear about the telepathic and astral parasites from? That sounds more a long the lines of what I had encountered. Not so much the wildlife but that sounds interesting too.

I found the trip reports that mentioned those phenomena on Erowid and Bluelight. Sorry, it’s been a while so I don’t have any specific links. On the book side of things though I can recommend Robert Bruce’s Practical Psychic Self-Defense Handbook and Samuel Sagan’s Entity Possession: Freeing the Energy Body of Negative Influences as good sources of information about negative entities and astral parasites.

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The fuck did i read here… :sweat_smile:

I’ve done 'em all. every last substance. Meditating on opiates didn’t really work. I was nodding off the whole time – might as well have been a “meditation” but the euphoria prevented me from accessing the truth.

I’ve seen shadow people from being up and not eating for days. That’s psychosis, a documented effect from missing dopamine.

IMO, and feel free to disagree with me – A clean, sober mind is the absolute best for doing daily magick. Want to perform a super powerful ritual every once in a while? Take a mini dose approximately 30% of a normal dose of either mushrooms or LSD. The power I was able to access when I petitioned Michael and Clauneck was UNREAL. But for obvious reasons the hallucinogenic method of contact is not sustainable or conducive for doing often.

I haven’t drank or used drugs in almost 5 years now, including weed.

and yeah like @Nyxifer said, being in a state of intoxication opens up the pathways for astral parasites, which can latch on and cause destruction if not mindful.


I have the course from here, Shit.
Yesterday I did some candle magick to think of ways to raise a few thousand dollars and I dunno this might actually give me an idea. Out of his whole entire course I maybe use 2 ideas and have about 100 more ideas that I have learned in dealing with the issue myself over the past few months, I wonder if that is something I should do, if people would buy such a course from me.

I’m not sure why people don’t get this, I’m saying lsd and mushrooms are good for the trance state. If anything stimulants are good for the tantric energy in your body and working with that.

I agree completely with the rest of your post but just wanted to add here that we understand very little about the mind and brain. That line can get pretty fuzzy between psychosis, the dream state, delirium, and the self-induced hallucinatory state that is evocation. Just imagine how your typical psychiatrist would classify the experience of a magician seeing and talking to spirits. :slightly_smiling_face:

@TheSaga I haven’t bothered to get his course since I thought his book covered the topic pretty thoroughly. It’d definitely be interesting to hear your take on the subject.

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I don’t know about you all but I tripped tf out on weed last year, smoked way too much in a short time without having tolerance to it. Can’t tell if it was just me being high off my ass or what, but I saw and felt the auras of some demons around me as if my senses were at their peak, and I did leave my body a few times. One hell of an experience :eyes:

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