Still no answers for contact from 8 years ago... Story inside

This all happened about 8 years ago, and I’m posting it here to see if you all have any ideas for me. I’ve been told it was sleep paralysis, alien abduction, etc… But I feel like you all might have a deeper insight for me. I’ll answer any questions if you have them, too.

I was visiting at my parent’s house for a couple nights and during those couple nights, I was using the downstairs guest room as my temporary bedroom… Well, one particular night, just like any other night, I was going to the room to relax and try and wind down to get tired and fall asleep. It was still early in the night, only like 8 pm, but I remember feeling very relaxed. I was completely sober and hadn’t done drugs in days. I may have smoked some weed earlier that week, but I was completely sober.

Anyway, I remember feeling surprisingly relaxed for it to be so early in the night. So, I got up, turned off the television and the light, and lied down on the futon. I lied down on my back, with a pillow under my head. I started to feel really tired, and I remember thinking to myself: “Wow, I never sleep on my back, but I could fall asleep right now.”

Usually, I slept on my side, but for some reason, I was starting to get pulled into a sleep while lying on my back. I started to drift off, and I reached the state in between asleep and awake, and when I was just about to fall asleep, I felt something touch my shoulders. It felt like someone was touching two fingers to each of my shoulders. I could feel two individual points of contact on each shoulder.

I freaked out. I got up out of my bed, turned the light on, and looked all over the bed for something that could explain it. I thought there had to be something… I don’t know, maybe a bug or something. But, I found nothing… So, panicked and afraid, I reluctantly lied back down on the bed. I lay there, on my back, again, and I felt comfortable enough to start drifting off again. This time, when I reached the point in between asleep and awake, I felt something else. This time, it felt like fingertips touching my closed eyelids! I felt two fingertips resting themselves on my closed eyelids!

I freaked out again, and got up out of bed, turned on the light, and looked around for anything that could explain it… But found nothing. Even more scared now, I lied back down on the bed…

This time it was almost instantaneous. As soon as I lied down completely on my back, I was pulled out from my body, and consciousness went to this plane of existence that was blacker than black. Endless black in every direction. The void, I guess. I was in this blacker-than-black place, and I was connected to this being. It was a giant dark entity with black tentacles or cables that slithered all over the black space. He, I believe it was “male”, held me by keeping me connected to his tentacles/cables. He was definitely very big.

He started speaking to me. He spoke a language I do not know now. While I was connected to him, I knew the language and could understand him. His voice was deeeeeeep and dark, and gurgled, sort of like a death metal guttural growl tone.

He told me something while I was connected to him. I think it was something good because when he put me back down into my bed, I was no longer afraid. I was overcome with a feeling of peace like I knew that everything was okay. I smiled and was able to fall asleep normally.

The thing is, though, I couldn’t remember what he said after he put me back into my bed. While I was connected to him, I understood everything but forgot it all when we disconnected. But, like I said, I felt nothing but peace and tranquility and was able to sleep.

Sound like anything familiar?


Hyperdimensional entity maybe? There is an alien language they speak. Just my two cents.

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That’s what I feel/think, too. I feel like it was definitely a real entity. I have tried to contact it, or recreate the setting when we first met, but I haven’t had much luck, although I do feel like he’s always around.

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If you are ready for another transmission say “ready to receive”. Thats what I do! I grow my dreads. They are like antennae.

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You know, dreads as antennae sounds like a brilliant idea. I’m growing my hair back out now. Im actually taking a trip with a friend to the northwest, back up to Oregon in order to experience the solar eclipse. Might be having some mushies too. :slight_smile: Might be the perfect time to contact some aliens.

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